Sunday, January 31, 2010

Are There Brown LaGooses in YOUR House?

Do you all have brown la gooses living in your home?

Yes, you read that right....brown la gooses...

Haven't heard of those?

Well, daughter came home this morning from a sleepover and asked me, in all seriousness, if we had brown la gooses living in our house.

"What?" I asked, sure I had misheard her.

"Brown la gooses", she repeated.

"What do you mean, a 'brown la goose'?" I asked again....

She answered, "You know - a brown la goose spider. Mandy told me that brown la goose spiders will get in your shoes and bite you and kill you."

It took a second - remember, I'm on MAJOR sinus infection drugs - but then it hit me.....

a brown RECLUSE spider....


I had to reassure my daughter that as long as she kept her room clean, there was no chance of brown la gooses living in her room. And then I quietly went into my bathroom where I shut the door and laughed so hard it hurt my face.



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