Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why Do I Blog?

On one of my recent postings, I had an anonymous comment that said, “Keep posting stuff like this – I really like it.”

Such a simple comment – but one that actually gave me pause and made me think…

….why do I blog?

Do I blog for YOU, my dear readers?

Do I blog because I’m on a quest to impress all of my dear readers with how witty and urbane and clever I am?

Do I blog because I want to entertain all of my dear readers with funny and comedic adventures that will leave you laughing until you cry and beg for more?

Do I blog because I want to inform and educate all of my dear readers with information and advice – especially with regards to disasters and mission trips and traveling and parenting and volunteering?

….why do I blog?

Or, do I blog for MYSELF, the Drama Queen?

Do I blog because I want to capture my feelings and thoughts and adventures, such as a diary, only in this case my diary is not being kept under lock and key and hidden – but is out there, exposed, for all of the world to see and criticize and critique?

Good questions…

If I’m blogging to impress you – then my stories will become very grandiose and overblown – and that’s not who I am….

If I am blogging to entertain you – then I feel that my blog will become a caricature of myself – and it will become very fictionalized. I could eventually resort to “making stuff up” just so I could get the laugh – and THAT’s certainly not who I am...

If I’m blogging to inform & educate you - my stories will become far and few between, because frankly? Who am I kidding? What am I an “expert” on that would keep people coming back for advice?

So – why do I blog?

I guess it’s a combination of the above….

…there are days I want to impress; other days when I want to entertain; and other days when I want to inform.

There are days when I’m recounting adventures from the past…that’s the entertainer in me.

There are days I’m reflecting…some days, things just don’t make sense, and I’m trying to sort it all out…that’s the thinker in me.

There are days when I’m ranting and raving and bitching and complaining…that’s the Drama Queen in me.

There are days when I’m preaching…I guess that’s the parent in me.

There are days when I’m educating…and that’s the teacher in me.

If I only blog to satiate and satisfy my readers – gearing all of my posts to give you what YOU want – and not what is “me” – I fear the honesty of my blog will be compromised. And I don’t want that to happen. It will cease to be a true representation of ME – the clown, the thinker, the Queen, the mom, the teacher.

So…my blog will continue to be what feels right for me – regardless if it is what my readers “want” from me. Some days, you will like what I write – and other days, you won’t. And that’s okay. If you don’t like what I write about today – tell me – and then come back tomorrow to see if it’s more to your liking. But – don’t expect the same stuff every day.

That’s just not me.

So, tell me - if you blog, why? Why do you blog? For you? Or for your audience?

I'm just curious....



Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

Though I do enjoy reading the responses to my blog, all of the things that are write are completely honest and true to me and who I am. I don't blog for the recognition or the pats on the back, but just because I love to write.

When I first started blogging, I remember it being in the midsts of elections and people were saying that they would not blog about politics. But politics are a part of my life and were something that I loved talking about. I blogged about it because it was something that "I" enjoyed and not because I was afraid to know what others were going to say about my opinions. I'm not afraid to lose readers over the things that I'm going to say.
I blog because I don't want to forget the stories that my are creating in our book of life. And I write because there are people that might like to read something similar to what they are going through. I blog because I love it!

McTriplet Mommy said...

Mine's probably a combo, too...

I blog for the boys - I see my blog as kind-of their "baby books". 'Cause God knows I don't have time to sit down and handwrite anything in their books (which I DO have in the top of their closet, still sealed!) One day I can print it out and give it to them.

I blog for my - my thughts and frustrations as related to the boys or anything else. I don't do this as much anymore - I used to have a "personal" blog where I did thsi but I think it was a bit too personal to be public and while I DO share lots of my thoughts on the matter, I don't get as personal as I used to.

I also blog for my grandma, my family in St. Louis, my step-sister in Chicago, heck - my friends in KC who I don't see as much as I should! I do it so they can keep up with my sweeties and see them grow.

Love your blog, *Drama Queen* - I check it every day!

Aunt Juicebox said...

I started out blogging just as an outlet for all the stuff going on in my life, with no intention that anyone would really read it, except my sister and a few friends. But then I met all these crazy blogger people who have become my friends, and now I do it was a way to keep them informed about my life, as I read their blogs and learn about them. I really enjoy the social aspect of it.

Jenny said...

I blog because barking hurts my part. But mostly it is writing discipline for me...and therapy at the same time! RUFFRUFF!