Thursday, January 21, 2010

Undermined By A Fox

I would be the first to admit - to anyone - that I have done some rather stupid things in my life....some of which is documented right here, in my blog, for the world to read.

And I will also admit that I am relatively "new" to lake-living...moving from the suburbs to the lake only in late November of this year - so I am unfamiliar with lake activities, lake do's and don'ts, lake etiquette, etc.

However - as naive as I may be - I do know ONE thing about lake living that I have stressed over and over lately to my own children - and that is:

Don't walk on the ice on the lake.

The kids have begged and pleaded that it will be safe (our temperatures have been above freezing now for well over a week - so no, it will NOT be safe) and they'll be okay - at the same time I sternly tell them of the horrors and dangers that befall anyone who attempts to walk on the lake at this point.

As I saw yesterday, though, from the following picture, apparently this little critter didn't get the same message from HIS mama:
Yes, Dear Readers, that is a fox. A red fox that crossed the lake yesterday afternoon - as I held my breath hoping against hope that the little critter didn't fall through the ice, necessitating a fox rescue on my part. I've never attempted a fox rescue, and frankly, I really didn't want to start.

Thankfully, he made it. Whew.

Of COURSE, both my kids witnessed this miracle on ice....and so now they absolutely don't take me serious when I tell them to not walk on the lake.

Damn fox. Now I almost wish you'd fallen through the ice. Just to prove my point.



Dual Mom said...

A "fox rescue" would have made for awesome blog fodder!

Good luck keeping the kids off the ice.

Drama Queen said...

DM - You're right! What was I thinking?! That would made a great blog story...I missed a golden opportunity there, didn't I?!

Thanks for stopping by!


Aunt Juicebox said...

Cute, but a fox is very light weight. Go throw a big heavy rock out on the ice and see what happens. lol

Mental P Mama said...

I like Aunt Juicebox's idea. They cannot go out there! Now I'm all worried;)

Helene said...

OMG, that last part made me laugh so hard I actually snorted!

At first, I thought you were gonna write that the fox fell through the ice and that your kids were mortified and your point was driven home. But nope...quite the opposite happened, which is exactly what would've happened to me too.