Monday, January 11, 2010

A Check Off My Bucket List

Sunday, January 3

Day #2 of the 2010 Jamaica Medical Mission Trip

White people really don't have any rhythm. This is very true. I've never seen it truer than in Jamaica - where we wake up Sunday morning and head up the hill to a little tiny church, Frazierville Methodist Church.

Here we are in store for a 2-hour service of music, more music, music again, a little Bible verse, followed by music. And to finish? Why, music, of course. There's 26 of us from the U.S. - and about 25 Jamaicans. Coming together in praise and worship.

The service was awesome. I wish we could have church like this back home - but we'd sound awful. We obviously don't know what we're doing - we can't sing, we can't dance. We're pathetic. But we give it a good try.

Drama Queen with some of the Jamaican children after church

After church, it's time to head to Doctor's Cave Beach in Montego Bay for some relaxation and fun. Drama Queen with Lisa at the beach

It's Sunday, after all - day of rest. We're resting. And little did we know - it would be the last day of sun for the rest of our trip.

And here - at Doctor's Cave Beach in Montego Bay - I kid you not - I did something that I seriously, NEVER EVER thought I would do. Ever, ever, ever. Never. Not in a million years.

I parasailed.

Yes. The Drama Queen parasailed. I hope to have pictures later this week and I will certainly share. To prove it. Because I know that some of you are shaking your head, saying, "No way. Drama Queen is afraid of heights. There's no way she strapped herself to a parachute behind a boat and flew up into the air. Like a kite. High. Above. The. Ocean."

But. She did. And it was amazing. Absolutely amazing. I loved it. Loved it. Loved it.

I would do it again in a heartbeat.

And next time, I'll even open my eyes.

Sunset at Doctor's Cave Beach, Montego Bay, Jamaica



Mental P Mama said...

WOW!! Looks amazing;)

Noelle said...

wow...that sounds absolutely wonderful! enjoy!