Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad

Today is my dad's birthday. He's 68 years old today - and spending it in the hospital with pneumonia. He should get to go home today, thankfully. So - in honor of Dad, here's a "10 on Tuesday: 10 Things You Should Know About my Dad":

1. Dad was my softball coach for many years. He taught me how to slide, how to bunt - and more importantly, how to switch hit. Back in the 70's, these skills were hard to come by on softball teams - and because of Dad's amazing coaching, our team went on to win the city championship. The first time I ever switch hit in a game, I hit a double - and while Dad was proud, I was shocked. I never thought I'd hit ANYTHING left-handed, let alone a double.

2. Dad is a softie when it comes to dogs. He has always had a dog, and dogs are his babies. I've seen him sneak french fries, ice cream and cookies to his "babies" - much to the chagrin of my mother. His dogs are spoiled rotten - I think us kids were jealous of the dogs growing up!

3. Dad is slow to warm up to strangers - but if he likes you, he'll be your friend for life. He doesn't hold grudges - but he takes his time in getting to know someone and deciding if they're "okay." And he won't talk much - he's rather quiet - but that's okay. That's just my Dad.

4. Dad always stressed to me the importance of education. Growing up, I never had a choice of what grades I would get - Dad let me know that nothing less than an "A" was acceptable. He also told me that college wasn't a choice - it was mandatory - and I wasn't even to THINK about getting married before getting my degree. And Dad always told me how important math was - (I hated it) - and how I would use math the rest of my life. He was right. Dammit. I hate it when he's always right.

5. Dad is good with tinkering on stuff. He's always been a jack of all trades - and I always knew there wasn't anything that dad couldn't fix. Especially cars. Dad's always been good at tinkering and restoring old cars. His latest hobby has been painting - and he's actually pretty good. Why am I surprised? He's always been good at anything he tries.

6. Dad loves silly, quirky movies...just like me. The sillier the movie, the better. I think my sense of humor comes from my dad. I love to watch funny movies with my dad, just to see him chuckle.

7. Dad has an amazing ability of just lifting one of his eyebrows to indicate his displeasure at something. All of us kids learned to dread the lifted eyebrow - that meant we were in BIG trouble. He never had to say a word - he'd just lift that eyebrow. Uh oh.

8. Dad can't be trusted to remember anything scheduled for the future. We've all learned that if we're planning a party or get-together, do NOT tell Dad...he'll never tell Mom, and they won't show up. You HAVE to by-pass Dad and go straight to Mom to keep track of the family calendar.

9. Dad loves to give the mushiest cards - for birthdays, Valentine's Day, etc. You'll never get a funny card from my dad - it's always the sentimental card.

10. Dad has been with my mom now for 49 years - and he has taught me how to love someone, how to be patient with someone, and how to make a marriage last.

So, happy birthday, Dad. I love you.



lacochran said...

I hope he's feeling better and home soon!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Happy Birthday and all of the best. Warm regards and best wishes for helath and joy. Philip

Aunt Juicebox said...

Very sweet! I hope he's doing much better. Pneumonia on your birthday shouldn't be allowed!

Mental P Mama said...

What a wonderful dad! Happy belated birthday to another wise Aquarian;)