Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Becoming a Statistic

There is a statistic out there that says 50% of marriages will end up in divorce court.

I'm sure there is a myriad of theories for that - financial issues, children, in-laws, infidelity - blah, blah, blah.

I've been doing my own research and I have to say, I think I've found the #1 reason for divorce in our society today:




Selling a house.

Hubs and I have an "extra" house just sitting around, waiting to be's been empty since November, when we moved out and into the new lake house. I would have thought the old house would be on the market by now - but, oh no. Hubs has a different idea.

He first brought in a "professional stager", who charged hundreds of dollars to basically tell us that our house was ugly and dated and need to be revamped from the ground up. Of course, she could do all of the revamping for us for a measly few thousands of dollars - at which point, we politely declined and showed her the door.

How lovely...I just paid a woman big bucks to tell me that my paint color choices sucked. Well, THAT was money well spent, huh?! And who is SHE to say that my drawer handles are so "80's"??!! The NERVE of that woman.

Anywho, we have now spent the last several months totally overhauling the old house - repainting, re-carpeting, installing granite, new tile, new windows, new light fixtures, blah, blah, blah. And oh drawer handles.

Hubs and I have very different ideas on what looks good - which is interesting, as this is a house WE ARE NOT GOING TO KEEP!

What is the difference??!!! I keep trying to remind him of this fact, but he keeps conveniently forgetting that. Argh.

Meanwhile, time's a-wastin', the money is a-drainin', and we still do not have the old house on the market. Hubs told me the other day that he thinks it will be ready by next week.

Right. We'll see. If we AREN'T seeing a realtor by next week, I know who I WILL be seeing.

A divorce attorney.




Terri and Bob said...

LOL, what fun! I mean, the redoing of a house, not the divorce thing!

Mental P Mama said...

I think this is all your should have trained him better by now!!!!

Aunt Juicebox said...

lol I just think it's funny because you are fixing it up now that you aren't living in it. ;P But whatever it takes to sell it I guess. Unless maybe you have thought about renting it out.