Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Reigning Cats & Dogs at My House

I've always said that if I were to die and come back again, I want to come back as a pet.

Pets - at least in my house - have it made. Here, its dogs and cats rule while people drool.

Yesterday, while doing a whole bunch of work at home online for the American Red Cross, I happened to look up and saw this:

That is our dog, Cocoa...and no, she's not dead. She just likes to sleep on her back. Here's a close-up:

She was snoozing away...no worries in the world...probably dreaming of giant dog bones and squirrels.

Now, my cats are usually pretty close to the dog - but they have to be somewhat aloof - they ARE cats, after all...so after searching a bit, I found them both behind the chair in my room:

Yeah, a good photo of what appears to be two cats with no heads...

A close-up of the diva, Juliet:

And of course, Romeo - when he saw the camera, he had to come out and pose; he LOVES getting his picture taken:

Oh, to have four legs and whiskers...



1 comment:

Dual Mom said...

Your cats are gorgeous! Someday when my boys move out I'm going to have cats.