Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rules? What Rules?

Daughter and Hubs went on a weekend camping trip with StepDaughter #2 and her family....

When they returned tonight, I asked how the weekend had gone. They had a great time, and they mentioned how much fun they had playing a game Saturday night, Mancala. Hubs had never played this game before and told how he was quickly initiated into the game by Daughter.

Hubs mentioned how good Daughter was at the game...saying she had won just about every round. He then said, "I didn't know she was so good at this game. So, Pumpkin, how'd you get so good?"

Daughter said, "Well....there are two ways of playing the game..."

...and without missing a beat, I interjected and said, "Yeah, Daughter's way and the RIGHT way."

Ba da boom.

Strangely, Daughter didn't appreciate my attempt at humor.

(Actually, my statement is sadly Daughter is notorious for making up her own rules during games to meet her own ends...Sigh. We're working on this trait of hers, but it's taking time to eradicate. Maybe by the time she's 50, she'll quit making up the rules. Who knows?)



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