Friday, May 21, 2010

The Perfect Day

Yesterday was a most-fantabulous-freakin-awesome-super-duper day.

To begin with, I went into my office at the Red Cross - looked at the mountain of work waiting for me - and proceeded to kick ass. I was the master of my domain - and nothing stood in my way of getting every little bit of it done. Finis. Kaput. Not even the sight of a weekend flood that had basically turned my office into its own disaster scene - ruined carpet, ruined files, soggy paperwork - fazed me in my quest to get 'er done.

After spending hours at my cluttered desk, knocking off one project after another, my co-workers convinced me to take a dinner break....Well, who am I to deprive them of my sparkling personality at dinner? Several of us hopped down the street to the Cheesecake Factory - where I nibbled on a delectable herb-encrusted salmon salad that was very tasty and very flavorful and oh-so-delicious. Yum.

We got back to the office just in time for my 7:00 meeting with the volunteers - and we had a fabulous crowd there to hear the speaker I had arranged. And yes, dear readers - my speaker did not disappoint; he gave a fantastic historical presentation on what the dear Red Cross volunteers of Kansas City did for the soldiers of World War I. Very, very interesting.

After the speaker had spoken, I whipped through the rest of the meeting with skill, clarity, deftness and humor...I was ON FIRE! The meeting ended around 8:40 pm...and after chatting a bit with fellow volunteers, I dragged my weary butt to my car to drive the long drive home (a 45-minute drive on a GOOD day. Yikes.)

Exhausted? Yes. Exhilarated? Yes. Impatient? Definitely.

Because...I had a guilty little secret waiting for me at home. I knew that once home, I would get to break this little baby out and nibble to my heart's content:

Meet the Red Velvet cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.

Come to Mama, sweetheart.

What a perfect ending of a perfect day.

Life is good.


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Aunt Juicebox said...

Yum! We have a Cheesecake Factory here but I avoid it because it's always mobbed. But they have the BEST menu, don't they?