Monday, May 10, 2010

Hisses & Cheers on Mother's Day

Do you think it's a bad idea to murder your children...on Mother's Day, no less?!

Okay, I wouldn't REALLY murder them...but I've certainly thought about it...and I know I'm not alone on this.

They can just be so...frustrating. Yeah, that's it - frustrating.

Actually, I had a pretty good Mother's Day...since we are now heathens and attend church on Saturday night, I get to sleep in on Sunday. Yay for me!

I wake up to find the Sunday paper laying beside me...yay for me!

After lounging in bed and reading the paper from cover to cover, I get the house ready for a huge family picnic - which means cleaning, setting up, organizing, icing down the drinks, etc. Boo for me!

We then have a little bit of extra time before the party, so Hubs takes me to the local garden center so I can pick out flowers for the yard, as well as new bird feeders. Yay for me!

We enjoy a great family picnic - with my parents, and all of the sibs - and nephews, nieces, etc. Yay for me!

Everyone is having such a great time that they stay for 4 1/2 hours - and then leave, leaving behind a huge mess - dirty dishes, glasses, food to be put away, crumbs on the floor... Boo for me!

I get several nice cards from the kids and from Hubs - all telling me what a wonderful Mother/Wife I am - yay for me!

My Mother's Day gift is being "shipped" and has not yet while all the other moms at the picnic are opening gifts, I have no gift. Yet. Boo for me!

After helping me clean the house, Hubby draws a nice, warm bubble bath for me... candles, soft music, white wine - yay for me!

After the bath, I am reading my Kindle, all snuggled in bed - when it completely freezes. Couldn't turn a page, couldn't turn it off or on - it was STUCK. Boo for me!

I rush to the computer to try to "google" how to fix a temperamental Kindle and the computer is not working - thanks to the children and their gaming - and I spent 90 minutes last night - at midnight - trying to fix it. Boo for me! Boo for the kids! I am thinking murderous thoughts as I am on my hands and knees, in my nightgown, trying to fix the darn thing while the children are all asleep, snug in their beds. ARGH!

So, I guess I really don't want to murder my children as much as I want to murder technology.

My kids are safe. For now.



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