Tuesday, September 21, 2010

10 on Tuesday: The Superficial List

Do not judge me because sometimes I am superficial. I can’t be all deep and philosophical all of the time – for one, it would absolutely give me a headache. And sometimes, it is just easier on my brain to be a little ditzy and a little fun and a little shallow.

With that said, I thought I would indulge a little on 10 things that I don’t think I could ever live without…in a shallow, superficial way, of course. I mean, really, if we truly thought about things we couldn’t live without, we’d have essential items like food, water, and shelter on our lists, as well as our pets and our family (actually, there are certain family members that I most CERTAINLY could live without, but we won’t go there) and we’d have things like peace and hope and stuff like that. Gah.

That’s a post for another day.

So, without further ado….here are my life’s superficial necessities….

10. Chocolately Pretzel Special K Bars….because, really, these are truly the best things EVER for breakfast…or lunch…or snacks in-between…..It has become rather sadly obvious that other people have discovered the joy of these, as my local grocery store seems to have empty shelves now where these little treats USED to reside…sigh.

9. Diet Dr. Pepper…the commercials are true…this SO doesn’t taste like a diet soda, at all. I especially like the Diet Dr. Pepper WITH cherry – as it’s a little secret bonus in my soda pop. Hubs would tell you I drink way too many of these, but really, who can make that determination?

8. Oil of Olay…snicker if you must, but this face cream is pure magic as far as keeping me youthfully sexy and oh-so-hot. In my own mind, at least.

7. Simply Vera t-shirts…these are truly a little bit of heaven on my skin. Once I discovered the pure bliss of these, I simply had to have one in every color so that I could wear one every day…and last week, I found the LONG-SLEEVED version, and so my skin will be in heaven all through the upcoming colder months. Life is good with Vera Wang.

6. E-books…whether I read them on my Kindle or my iPad, there is something so selfishly-gratifying about ordering a book online and reading it a mere five seconds later….for an impatient person such as myself, e-books are a pure delight.

5. GPS…Yes, I’m directionally challenged. I own it. I could get lost heading west on a sunny day…and so my GPS in my car is a true lifesaver, as I would never make it home each day and my family would begin to wonder where I’m at and why dinner isn’t on the table, and really, just where do I think I am now?

4. Facebook... Be a hater if you want – but I love this social medium and how it has opened up doors and made my world just that much bigger. I think I have a slight girl crush on Mark Zuckerberg….

3. Chipotle…I’ve blogged about this restaurant before, but it really is that good. And I really could eat there each and every day, because they claim that there is a staggering 65,000 combinations of burritos that one could have…and so I did the math, because I really had nothing better to do, and if I did a different combination every single day of the year, it would only take me a mere 178 years to exhaust the menu….

2. Bravo T.V.... Being a self-proclaimed reality TV show junkie, Bravo is my crack. It has such quality shows as the Real Housewives, Flipping Out, as well as Top Chef…and truly, how would I get through a week without watching self-entitled fame-whore women yell and scream at each other? Or drama-inducing gay chefs create the most fantastic-looking delicacies that I would just die, I mean, die, if I could just reach through my screen and take a tiny little bite? I love my Bravo T.V.

And…the number one thing on my “Superficial Can’t Live Without” list is….

1. Chocolate. Need I really say more…? I mean, really?




Mental P Mama said...

I don't consider that a superficial list. Those are essential....

David said...

I so agree with you on the GPS! We're headed to Warrenton today. Been there many times, but there are many county and FM roads and I probably couldn't find it without the GPS. Great invention!