Monday, September 27, 2010

A Close Call


Gotta’ love them. Or – maybe we don’t. Maybe we just have to tolerate them. They’re good to have around when I need something heavy lifted, or a spider killed, or the trash taken out. Or when the car starts making a funny noise, because really, all I want to do is turn the key and put a car into drive and that’s about the extent of my automotive skills.....

Otherwise? I’m reserving judgment.

I am the mom who makes a “to-do” list…daily. My list this weekend resembled nothing more than a 400-page Stephen King novel – it was that horrific.

Beginning on Saturday morning, my goal was to accomplish the following before Sunday evening:

….tennis lessons, attend a wedding shower, clean out closets, as in begin packing up the summer clothes and unpacking the fall/winter clothes – for me AND for the kids, loads and loads of laundry, start making the Christmas shopping list, pay the bills, clean kids’ rooms, get ready for the next Girl Scout meeting, exercise, get a grocery list ready for Monday, vacuum & wash my car, begin planning my son’s 21st birthday party for next weekend, go through the coupons in Sunday’s paper, watch the Chiefs football game, walk the dog, and oh yeah, here’s an idea – maybe, just maybe, get some SLEEP in there somewhere...(yeah, right.)

…when Hubs said to me, late Sunday evening:

“What’s happened to your blog lately? You’re neglecting it.”

I quickly checked my to-do list, and because I didn’t see, “Murder the Hubs” on it, I let the comment go.

So, he got away with one. He’s darn lucky. Just wait until my NEXT "To-Do" list.



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