Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ramblings....Including Talking with Lizards

What a busy week I've been having here in the Ft Myers house...'s been extremely quiet. No TV. No pets. No kids. No Hubs. Thank God for the stereo that's wired through the house, so I can pull in some good radio tunes. I can't stand silence. Even when I sleep. I have to have noise....'s been very sucky that I cannot swim while I'm here. That was the result of the surgeries, incisions, and poor timing on my part. Although they do weekly tests on the bacteria level in the ocean, I can't take a chance of infection, especially since I'm not on any antibiotics at the moment. Due to my allergic reaction to them last week. So - no risks. I'm not even swimming in the pool in the back yard - altho I did stick my feet in today. It really sucks to be in Florida for a week and to not be able to swim. What's with that??!! know you're missing the family when you start conversing with the lizards in your pool cage. I will know that I have seriously lost it if I start calling the lizards by my children's names. Send a butterfly net and the straight jacket if that happens. If the lizards start answering me back, then I will know that I have gone off the deep end.

...just got an email from our local newspaper that a short blurb I wrote about bad vacations may be in the Kansas City Star on Saturday...if its online, I'll link to it. They asked for reader's contributions on their worst vacation - and I submitted a story about a trip to Chicago that my sister and I made a few years back. I should write the expanded version one of these days for the blog. It was the trip. from. hell.

..I am very proud that I managed to fix some loose wiring today on our automatic garage door opener...all by myself. I am not normally a "handyman" - that's what Hubs is for - but when Hubs is 1400 miles away, then one must resort to learning to do things on one's own. My years of mission trips have paid off - I have all sorts of handyman skills now. Who'da' thunk it?

Have a fabulous rest of your day! I'm off to enjoy some fabulous bread pudding...and tuck the lizards in for the night.



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David said...

Congrats on fixing the garage door wiring! Don't worry, I talk to lizards too. And I have a butterfly net I'm not using right now.