Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11 Remembered

It had truly been one of the most amazing weekends, ever.

A four-day brief foray into western Colorado...a surprise trip from the Hubs, for just kids, no distractions...

Our four days were spent exploring the beautiful aspens, streams, and mountains of Colorado - tracking elusive wildlife, hiking long-abandoned trails, and just taking in the absolute stunning beauty that makes America the wondrous country that it is....It was an absolute, fantastic four days that I wanted to last forever.

Unfortunately, reality arrived, and it was time to head home...we arrived home late, on a Monday evening. I opted to take Tuesday off of work, so I could catch up on "Mommy" chores: laundry, bill paying, cleaning, shopping, etc.

The kids were up early that morning...the two younger boys were eating breakfast, getting ready to catch the elementary school bus...Dear Daughter was all of 2-years old that day, and so I kept her home with me, in lieu of day care....

I turned on the television with the intent of flipping it over to "Blue's Clues" - my daughter's absolute favorite program at the time. However, when the TV came on, it was on ABC...and was broadcasting "Good Morning, America." My eyes glanced at the screen to see what was on...and I don't think my eyes left the screen for 3 or 4 days....

The image was of the Twin Towers in NYC appeared to be on fire...and the news anchors were sounding a bit confused and bewildered, as they speculated on the air about what had caused this horrific fire at the World Trade Center. I sat down for what was supposed to be just for a minute, so I could absorb what I was seeing, and process it...A bomb, perhaps? An electrical fire? What had caused this?

And then...the unthinkable...on live TV, I distinctly remember hearing my 2-year old daughter exclaim, excitedly, "Mommy! A plane! A plane!" as the image of an airplane appeared on the screen, and slammed into the second Tower.

I screamed. I burst into tears. I immediately recognized that my beloved country, the United States of America, was under attack. By an unknown enemy. But we were clearly being attacked.

And then - I realized I had to pull it together for the sake of my kids, who were now all watching me for cues on how to react to this. Suck it up, sister - you're a Mom, and you have to keep the kids calm and not freak them out. It was ALL I could do to put on a brave face and get my sons out the door for the bus....

Many phone calls were made that day...calling to check on the welfare of friends and family and parents came over and spent the day...perhaps we all felt that tug of family, that need for the secure and the safe....and we watched the screen, looking for answers, looking for reassurances from our leaders, and hoping and praying for the families and people affected.

It was the worst of times that came off one of the best of times, and it was very surreal - to go from an extreme Rocky Mountain High to accepting the reality that there were men in the world, so evil, they could do these acts to innocent people.

I will never forget...I will always remember...and my prayers and thoughts today are with all of us who were affected by the events of September 11, 2001.

Peace. And I say that with all my heart....



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