Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend in Review: The Wiped Out Edition

It's another Monday (do I hear cheers? or is that groans I'm hearing?? Hmmm?) and so it's time for another Weekend in Review installment. And oh, how I WISH I had exciting stuff to put here....I could tell you stories of a romantic dinner for two on Friday night, a hot air balloon ride up into the heavens on Saturday, and front-row, 50-yard line tickets to an NFL game on Sunday.

But that's just it. It would all be stories. None of it true. Darn it.

In actuality, I had a very quiet weekend. Which is rather good every now and then...I think we all need weekends when we just slow down a bit and re-charge our batteries.

Friday night, we enjoyed a delicious dinner of Chipotle. A veggie burrito bowl with extra guacamole - no salsa, please - and I am a happy girl. Delicious, fresh ingredients...made to order...Yum. If I did nothing more on Friday night than enjoy that burrito from Chipotle's, than it would not have been a Friday night in vain. And actually, I don't think I DID anything else on Friday night. Other than to enjoy that burrito. And life was good.

Saturday morning brought heat...humidity...and our weekly tennis lessons. A strange thing happened on the tennis courts this week. We spent half the time working on our forehand, and the second half of class perfecting our backhand. And we all discovered - to all of our amazement - that I have a pretty good backhand. Better than my forehand, and most certainly better than anyone in the class's. Huh. Who'd 'a thunk it?

The tennis coach thinks its something to do with my softball background...he went into this long explanation of my wrists, and how they're turning on my forehand, but being oh-so-perfectly locked and in alignment on my backhand, but I pretty much lost him when he got all technical, and just silently thanked the tennis gods that I had at least ONE thing that worked in my favor and so wasn't making a total fool of myself on the court.

Speaking of making a fool of myself on the court...remember how I mentioned the heat? And the humidity? Add to that one slightly out-of-shape, middle-aged drama queen who doesn't handle strenuous exercise well in heat and humidity, and you get one very-close-to-passing-out-due-to-the-heat tennis chick. Moi.

I was dying. Seriously. I know that sounds all dramatic and all, and I AM the Drama Queen, after all, but seriously. I probably should have recognized the symptoms of heat exhaustion - I've had them before - and I probably should have walked off the court and found immediate shade and drank some immediate water.

But I didn't. Because I'm stubborn. And I'm stupid.

And I refuse to admit my weaknesses, sometimes - which can be dangerous.

At about the time when I was most certainly going to collapse into a puddle of confusion & disorientation on the tennis court, practice was over.

I stumbled off the court - stumbled into my car - and somehow, some way, got daughter and myself home. Stumbled into the house and DID collapse. Yikes.

Shaky. Weak. Exhausted. I was a mess.

Hubs and Daughter went onto a local festival here in town for the rest of the day, while I recovered at home in blessed air-conditioning.

I didn't suffer too much, though, as college football was on TV ALL day - and my two favorite college teams, Missouri & Auburn, both won.

When not wallowing in pigskin paradise, I did manage to work on one of three presentations I have this week with the Red Cross. It took four hours of research on my part, but in the end - this presentation will knock their socks off on Wednesday. (I still have two more to work on - but they're short and sweet and I can knock them out today. I hope.)

Sunday was spent relaxing at home, and watching more football. (This is pretty much the story of my life during the fall football season.) I made some delicious taco chili and brownies, and we watched the Chiefs eek out a victory over Cleveland, and then watched Denver womp all over Seattle. (darn it).

It wasn't until last night that I FINALLY didn't feel like a arms and legs began "working" again...and so I learned an important lesson this weekend.

No matter HOW wonderful your backhand is - get off the damn court if you're going to pass out. It ain't worth it. Trust me on this.



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