Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend in Review: The Friendship Edition

There is something to be said about the power of friendships...

Friday, I had lunch with a girlfriend...she had read my "cry for help" blog post last Friday and felt compelled to respond. We had a very enlightening lunch, and I felt so much better with things after talking and laughing with her. She was able to see things clearly and offer some sage advice and wisdom - and I really, really appreciated having her as a sounding board. Girlfriends are very special.

That evening, Hubs and I went to Starlight Theater, our outdoor venue here in Cowtown, to see "Rain." Rain is a Beatles-tribute band, and I was looking forward to this show ALL summer.

We arrived early so we could have a delicious dinner (salmon! Yum!) there at the theater, and then took our seats shortly before the 8:00 p.m. curtain.

The show started - and it was fantastic. The four guys not only look exactly like the Fab Four, but they sound like them, too! It was amazing! It was like being transported back in time to watching the "real" Beatles.

Unfortunately, about 15 minutes into the show - Mother Nature decided to bring a little rain of her own into the picture.

The band left the stage, and management came on to warn us that severe lightning was moving into the area, and we would all (7,000 people!) need to take shelter.

Hubs and I made our way back into the restaurant, and found a seat with some other folks, where we spent a delightful 30 minutes discussing our kids, their colleges, and the Red Cross. Hey - I'm always plugging away for the organization that I love!

The lightning moved on, for the most part, and the show resumed...but the rain kept coming. No worries - Hubs and I are Proud Poncho People - we wear our rain ponchos very proudly whenever we're at an event, whether it's Walt Disney World, Europe, or a concert - and so, we plopped on our ponchos and danced and sang in the rain.

It was awesome.

Most of the crowd stuck it out to the final encore - a huge, rousing sing-a-long of "Hey Jude" that had everyone on their feet, swaying in the rain, and feeling the love. 7,000 people - united in their love of "feel-good" music....

Saturday morning was tennis lessons - both Daughter and I are now taking official lessons so we can improve our game. Her lessons were at 10:00 a.m., and so I sat on the sidelines and watched how she did. And she did pretty good!

And then, when it was my turn...hmmm....I struggled. I have way too many years of softball invested, and my arms, feet, everything - want to swing a tennis racquet like it's a baseball bat. In fact, I DID hit a home run on Saturday - I knocked a tennis ball over the fence and a good 100 feet...NOT what you want to do in tennis. Oops.

Its going to be difficult to "unlearn" many years of softball, and relearn tennis...the footwork, the backhand, - ARGH. But, I am learning. And it was good exercise. Especially when I had to go chase the home run I hit.

After tennis, Daughter went on to a local amusement park in town, Worlds of Fun, so it was just Hubs and I at home for the day. He piddled and I piddled and I watched the sailboats that afternoon as they glided by in the lake. It was pretty awesome. Our lake has a Sailing Club, and the boats were doing some drills in the water....pretty amazing to watch them maneuver.

That night, Hubs and I went for a brief visit with my folks, and then went to a local restaurant, Jess & Jim's, for a delicious dinner.

Hubs had the steak and I had prime rib. Yummy. And the baked potato was absolutely to die for. I ate more of it than I did my prime rib. I'm just not a red meat person - pretty much allergic to beef - so I'll stick with the potato.

Sunday was spent just relaxing...working in the yard for awhile...and watching NFL football on T.V. Both the teams that I "hate" - Denver and Oakland - lost, so if the Chiefs can win tonight, on Monday Night Football, we'd have sole possession of 1st place. For a week, anyway. Hey. It can happen.

I hope your weekend was awesome...spending it with family, friends, good music, good food, whatever it was you did...I hope you enjoyed the days and the weather - and just life. Just enjoy life.



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Mental P Mama said...

Good friends can get us through just about anything! Your weekend sounds wonderful!