Saturday, August 28, 2010

Eastbound & Down!

Eastbound and down...loaded up and truckin'....I'm gonna do what they say can't be done!

Yes - I'm on a road trip - heading east...but first...

Yesterday was "Part 2" of the surgeries...

If you recall, I had a Mohs procedure on my neck about a week I have this kickass scar on my neck that looks like Dracula - or the Wolfman - got ahold of me on a dark, spooky night. Pretty gnarly....but it makes for a great story.

I had the left hip done yesterday.

To my surprise, it was just as bad as the neck. I really didn't think it would be, for some reason...but it was. What made it even worse was the anesthetic - once again - didn't work, and when the doctor went to cauterize the wound, I felt it. OMG, that hurt. I now have what looks like a "shark bite" on my hip - which will be my story for that wound. "Surgery" just sounds so boring, right? Vampire bites and shark bites are much more fun.

After a somewhat rough night - pain, dropping blood pressure, fainting spells - I woke up this morning to embark on my Epic Road Trip.

I'm driving - solo - 1400 miles from Kansas City to Ft Myers, Florida. In my little Mazda Speed 6 that is loaded to the rafters with stuff to take to Florida. I know - somewhat stupid the day after a surgery - but I vowed to take it easy and to be careful. Besides, I've got the medicinal powers of a constant supply of Diet Dr. Pepper and Peanut Butter M&M's to assist me on this trip. And an endless supply of Tylenol.

I got a somewhat late start - but once on the road, its been awesome. The weather has been great; the traffic was great; and it was nice to enjoy peace and quiet. If I wanted "noise", I have Satellite Radio - so I can pull in my favorite tunes - and I have also been listening to an audio book, "Dead Silence", by Randy Wayne White. That's significant, because author Mr. White is from the Ft. Myers area and writes a lot of pretty cool adventure books.

My journey took me across Missouri, around St. Louis, and then into Illinois. In Illinois, I took a quick 3-minute detour to visit Metropolis. Does that sound familiar? It should - it's the boyhood home of Superman!

And you can't be the boyhood home of Superman without having a 25-foot statue of Superman in the town square!

I feel like Superman when I drink Diet Dr. Pepper and nibble on Peanut Butter M&M's on a Road Trip.

Oops...I, Illinois took me across the Ohio River, and down through Paducah, Kentucky...a short jog through Kentucky, and I was in Tennessee.

Tennessee is an awesome state - their roads are always in immaculate condition, and they have some of the neatest things to see and do. We took a 2-week vacation to Tennessee back in 2004, and visited all four corners - and had a great time. And no, I'm not getting paid by the Tourism Board to say these things - but maybe they should call me??!!

I've bunkered down for the night in Chattanooga, and I'm smack in the middle of the mountains - they were SOOOO pretty! I've vowed to come back here in the fall - I bet they're glorious in their autumn splendor!

Tomorrow, another 700 miles and I will arrive at the house in Ft Myers! Woot!

I'm trying to go to sleep about now, but I'm having a hard time...think it has something to do with caffeine and sugar???!!

Have a GREAT evening!



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