Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fly Like an Eagle

The Bucket List...or Life List...or whatever it is you want to call it...has generated a lot of comments and emails from some readers.

"How's it going?" some ask.

"Great idea! I should do that!" others have said.

Honestly? I struggle with this list...

I've put some things on there that I think, personally, are a little outrageous - and the odds of me accomplishing them are highly improbable. And yet...they remain. Why? I'm not sure...something to dream about, perhaps? Something to aspire to?

Perhaps when I blogged the other day about pushing our baby birds out of the nest to fly, we need to stretch our own wings sometimes and fly, a little higher, fly a little longer....and a Bucket List causes you to do that. Fly.

Look at #12 on my list..."Take up Kayaking."

In my world, kayaking is scary. I don't like water. I can't swim. If I had a guarantee that, as I sit in my kayak, I would NEVER tip over and get dunked - I would be so totally cool with kayaking....but there's that element of risk...that small chance of falling into a lake - that freaks me out. Just a little.

Hubby bought me a kayak for my birthday (at my request). My birthday was in June.

The kayak has sat, unused, has been staring at me, taunting me...and sending out a silent challenge.

Yesterday? I met that challenge. With a little push from Hubby, actually. He walked into the bedroom - threw my lifejacket at me - and said, "I dare you."

Well, that was all it took. I can never turn down a dare. Darn it.

I kayaked yesterday for about 15 minutes...tentatively at first, getting bolder and stronger and more confident with each stroke. I had Hubby on the dock, watching me, just in case I should tip over...I needed support. And I didn't tip. And it was pretty cool.

And this morning? I went solo. By myself. And I kayaked for 45 minutes....

And it was AWESOME.

I was the only one on the lake this morning...I could hear every bird...every lap of the water as it struck the kayak...and it was EMPOWERING.

I was flying. Like an eagle. And life is good.

What's on YOUR Life List?

I challenge each of you to do something on that list in the next few days.

Do a little flying yourself.




Terri said...

I love this! Congratulations!

Joan said...

My comment list (because I love lists)
1. I'm jealous you live on a lake.
2. Yay you for crossing another thing off of your list.
3. I don't have a list.
4. I need to make a list ~ now.

Logical Libby said...

Woo hoo! I bet your arms are really sore, but you still feel great!