Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend in Review: Mexican Mania!

Fighting crowds...celebrating birthdays...learning to kayak...boating on the lake...eating root beer floats...

THIS was our weekend! CRAZY!

On Friday, I grabbed the two youngest kids and headed to our local mall. Missouri offers a "No Sales Tax" weekend every year on school supplies, clothing & computers - and almost an almost 10% savings is a good enough incentive for me to fight the crowds. And crowded it was - we hit four stores before noon on Friday, and it was a ZOO!

Okay - it wasn't quite THIS bad - but it was close!

However, I had saved coupons for several weeks...and those, combined with reward $$$ I had received, meant I got some good deals!

For instance, take Famous Footwear...I had $25 in FREE reward money to use. My daughter found a great Messenger Bag for $24.99 - so we got it for FREE! Because there was NO TAX! Woot!

Friday evening, Hubby and I took our oldest son and his girlfriend out to dinner. He had graciously watched our house while we were in Florida, so we treated him to some BBQ ribs. Yum!

Saturday morning was when Hubby threw the lifejacket at me and dared me to kayak. So, you know what I did that morning...!

Once the heat hit that afternoon, we all retreated inside the house, where I spent some time with the kids watching mindless TV...(We DVR a lot of shows during the week when we're out and about and catch up on the weekend.) We watched Jersey Shore (don't hate us), Shark Week, and some Teen Mom. Epic television, huh?!

That evening, we headed over to my brother's house for a HUGE birthday blast - we had FOUR birthdays to celebrate! A delicious Mexican dinner, mucho wine coolers, and mucho fun...

Sunday, I hit the lake with my kayak myself, this was just me and the buzzards that like to hang out at the lake. They were looking at me like I was breakfast or something...kinda' creepy and cool, all at the same time.

I came in and spent some time making some Mexican chili for lunch - I mixed it up and put it in the crockpot so it could simmer and get good and spicy...and when it came time for lunch, it was perfect. Who cares that it was 110 degrees outside? It's never too hot to have Mexican chili!

Sunday afternoon, we hopped onto the boat and took it out for a spin...then dropped anchor and jumped in the lake for some swimming. The water felt sooooooo good...especially after eating Mexican chili. I'm just sayin'....

After that, we took the kids up to La Fuente for a great Mexican dinner...can you tell we like Mexican in this house?! In my world, you can never have too much Mexican. Seriously.

And last night, I spent 2 hours knocking out some of my upcoming Girl Scout curriculum. Being the leader of my troop requires some work on my part - I like to get the meetings all planned out in advance for the year, and I managed to do that last night. I have some tweaking to do - but I think I'm almost ready for the school year. Bring it on!

I managed to do that while sneaking in some pre-season football on TV...Dallas vs Cincinnati - which means that football is back for awhile and I am one happy girl!

While I was working on the meetings, Hubby surprised me with a delicious root beer float from Sonic. Why, yes. I think I will. Thank you. Now I'm even a happier girl!

And THAT? Was our weekend. Whew. I need a break! But first - I'm heading to Chipotle for lunch today with a girlfriend. Yes. More Mexican.




David said...

I never get tired of Mexican food either... or a great margarita! We have sales tax free weekend in Texas too. But I don't participate. Too crazy out there!

Drama Queen said...

David, I'm with you on not participating...normally. At Christmas, 100% of my shopping is done on the internet so I can avoid the crowds....but that wasn't applicable last weekend, unfortunately. I just need a few margaritas and I'll be able to get over the whole experience. :)

Aunt Juicebox said...

I know there are a few states that have that no tax day, but we're not one of them. :(

Anonymous said...

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Gwen said...

Wow!!! You are brave!!! I never shop during tax free weekend and I prefer to have my Christmas shopping almost completed by the end of October. I don't like dealing with crowds. XOXO

Becki D said...

Good golly, miss molly!!

You stay BUSY! Sounds like fun busy, though...I can't wait til my girls are a little older and we can start spending summers out in the water instead of hiding in the a/c. Woohoo!!

Now excuse me while I go figure out how I'm going to get my hands on a chimichanga for lunch....