Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh, The Irony

I spent a good part of yesterday dealing with the aftermath of the Crashing Hard Drive Computer Disaster...

...and the irony of it didn't escape me.

Here I am - the Chairman of Disaster Services with the American Red Cross in Kansas City...supposed to be all about being "prepared" and "ready" for disasters...

I go out all the time and do presentations for people on the importance of being prepared and "Red Cross Ready."

I tout the importance of having a Tornado Kit in basements, in the event a tornado should strike. I tout the importance of having a go-to Evacuation Kit, in the event you need to quickly evacuate your home (chemical spill, flooding, etc).

...and for the most part, I am Red Cross Ready. I have the Tornado Kit in my basement; I have the Evacuation Kit in my bedroom.

...but when it came time to be prepared and ready in case my computer crashed?

Uh....not so much.

I wasn't backing it up - and consequently, I lost all of my data. Which is a HUGE disaster for papers, presentations, photos, financial records, etc, etc.

I am beating my head on the table as I write this.

So - lesson learned. I went out yesterday and got what I needed to always have a back-up on the laptop.

It's always after a disaster when we learn our hardest lessons....



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