Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Have Any Beds to Spare?

So, there's a good chance we may have out-of-town company in the next month or two.

And I need to find beds for everyone.

I'm expecting 5,000 people.

Yes. You read that right. That was not a typo. (Unfortunately.)

I need beds for 5,000 out-of-town guests.

Possibly in August, September or October.

And I need these beds for a week...or two...or three...maybe will depend....


People sometimes ask, "What does a Red Cross Disaster Volunteer DO when there's not a disaster?"

Well...we prepare. And we train. And we prepare some more.

Part of my role as Disaster Services Chairman here in the Kansas City area is being prepared for anything that may hit our area. And just when you think you're all prepared, someone throws a loop at you.

And in this case, the "loop" is an agreement recently signed by the government of the fine state of Missouri.

In true Midwest-hospitality-form, our government signed an agreement with the fine government officials of Louisiana...that in the case of a hurricane in the Gulf Coast, and large evacuations were needed, Missouri has agreed to host 10,000 evacuees. (Tennessee used to host the evaucees, but due to the flooding there last spring, they have their own problems to deal with right now.)

The St. Louis area would get 5,000 people...and we here in Kansas City would get the other 5,000 people.

Hence my need for 5,000 beds.

Where do we PUT all of these people??!! Any ideas???

We are now working on contacting schools, arenas, churches, etc on finding places where we could feed and shelter our Southern guests...with the hope and prayer that we really won't need to do this. That's always the prayer with the Red Cross - that there won't BE a disaster.

But - in case there is...

Have any beds to spare? I need some.




Terri said...

I'd give you my school if I was close by!

Joan said...

I cannot even wrap my brain around the logistics of what you're having to do.

I know during Katrina, Oklahoma hosted a lot of evacuees.

David said...

Wow! I have not a clue! Prayer sent!