Thursday, August 5, 2010

When Our Baby Birds Fly

It's hard, sometimes, as a Mama Bird, to push our baby birds out of the nest.

Instinctively, we as Mama Birds, know what is best for our baby birds...and although they may squawk and chirp in frustration and fear, we push...and they fly. Sometimes to their great and utter surprise...they fly.

My 17-year old son had an appointment at the local high school on Tuesday to register for his upcoming's a yearly ritual we all go through - go to the school, pick up the schedule, pay the fees, etc, etc. Because he will be a senior, he also had an appointment to get his senior photo taken at the school. Cool. Two birds with one stone, right?

On Monday, I remind him that he was to head up to school Tuesday afternoon to take care of all this school business...and he immediately looks at me in shock and disbelief, and says, "I'm not going by myself, am I???!!! You're coming with me, right??!!"

Am I a bad mother for thinking this was something he could take care of on his own? I just feel that at 17, it's time to be taking some responsibility...and so I replied, "No...I wasn't planning on it. It's very easy. You walk in...go through the line to pick up your schedule...then go through the line to pay your fees. I'll give you the check to take with you. And then go to the gym and get your photo taken. Very easy. You can do this."

His eyes huge, he whispers, "I can't do this by myself!!! You HAVE to go with me!!!"

I told him that if I went, he would probably be the only senior there with his mom. And it would be mortifying. For both of us.

So, on Tuesday, I held firm. I didn't go with him.

However, I anxiously awaited his return that afternoon. I paced the house after he left, hoping and praying that everything WOULD be fine and he wouldn't have any problems. I had my cell phone in hand, checking it constantly to insure that he wasn't calling me in a blind panic.

The minute he walked in the door, I hugged him and asked, "Are you okay?! How did it go? Oh my God, I've been so worried about you...!!! Did you have any problems?"

My poor, poor baby bird....pushed out of the nest by his big mean Mama Bird....what if he hadn't flown? What if he had crashed and burned? I'd never forgive myself.

Son looks at me, rolls his eyes, and says, "Mom. Puh-leeze. I AM an adult, you know."

Oh. My. Okay, then.

My baby bird can fly.



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Fab Kate said...

I'm with you on this. I have two birds out of the nest, and two more trying out their wings. It won't be long before I'm saying "fly... fly... FLY!"