Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Warrior Princess

Eleven years ago today, my baby girl came into the world.

She arrived a bit early...she wasn't SUPPOSED to come into the world until August 30th...but hey, once a baby's coming, it's awfully hard to stop it.

And what an interesting journey it has been with my unexpected, delightful surprise....

1. She is truly a "mini me." Not so much in looks, but personality? Gah. She is EXACTLY like me. Which I know drives my Hubby insane - having to deal with TWO Drama Queens...but hey...she will at some point cease being our problem and will be someone else's. Prayers to her future life partner.

2. She is an independent, free spirit - she does what she wants; she wears what she wants; and she doesn't give a fig about peer pressure or following the rest of the goat herd. If the rest of the world is wearing white, she will wear black. If the rest of the world is heading north, she will head south. I like that about her - sometimes. Sometimes...that strong will can drive me CRAZY.

She's 2 in this photo...notice the Halloween "anklet" she has on...that was her own doing...

3. She is an "animal whisperer." She's never met an animal that she doesn't like, and that doesn't like her back. I've never seen someone who uncannily can relate to any animal she's ever come into contact with...they respond to her in ways that are a little freaky.

All she has to do is lay down, and the animals come running...

4. With that free, independent spirit comes a true artistic soul...she is my future Monet, my future Van Gogh...her imagination knows no bounds and her creativity jumps from the page in her artwork. What I express in words - she expresses with color.

My baby at 7 years old...

5. She has a passion for Japanese anime...why? Who knows...again, she does her own thing and she will not follow the crowd.

I have learned to not hold this child back - but to let her stretch and explore and grow. I have learned to sit back and watch her as she grows into a beautiful young lady who will stand tall and proud and strong.

She is my warrior princess.

Happy Birthday, Baby.

My years strong...




Joan said...

Happy birthday Warrior Princess.

My baby turned 11 in June. *sigh*

Terri said...

Happy birthday!

My baby will be 25 in October. *double sigh*