Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chicks Dig Diamonds

Chicks dig diamonds... diamonds, that is.

(Actually, I've never met ANY kind of diamond I didn't like, but today's topic is about baseball...we'll save sparkly diamonds for a future discussion!)

An advantage of spending Spring Break in Ft. Myers, Florida, is getting to spend Spring Training with the Boston Red Sox.

Now, I'm not a Boston fan - I will always be a Loyal Royal - but I AM a baseball fan - and so we spent a gorgeous, perfect day at the ballpark.

I loved our parking spot - $5 got us in this old guy's front yard. Here he's directing my Hubby in how to maximally squeeze our car in so he can get as many cars in his yard as possible. Ka-ching!

A short walk away, and we've arrived at City of Palms Park - aka the home of the Red Sox in Spring Training:

Out front, there's a statue of the famous Ted Williams, and so Daughter and I have to do the obligatory "pose-in-front-of-the-statue" thingy:

Once inside, I was immediately taken with the "Green Monster" tribute in the outfield. If you know anything about Boston Red Sox lore, you've heard of the infamous Green Monster, the green wall in Fenway Park. Well, how can Boston play without a Green Monster in their Spring Training facility?!

A moment of silence in tribute of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami victims, and then the national anthem:

And then, Play Ball!

It was a full house today - standing room only, to watch the Sox take on the Florida Marlins. I was an idiot, and waited until the last minute to buy tickets, so we had Standing Room Only - along with what appeared to be 2,000 other idiots. SRO means you find a place along the blue wall - which was pretty tightly squeezed.

We got lucky, though. Around the 3rd inning, the Leprochaun-ish Usher in front of us said, very loudly, "I'm not supposed to say that there's several empty seats up in the 4th row - so I won't say it...but I'm just sayin'...but I NEVER said it."

Well, we're no dummies! (Okay, actually we were - by waiting to buy our tickets so late. But we're not DOUBLE DUMMIES!)

We quickly moved up and grabbed some of those empty seats. SCORE!

And the final score?

Boston 9, Florida 2.

I think we had fun!

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