Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's A Small World After All

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If you've ever played the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" game, than you understand what a small world the world really is.

Last night, I was indulging myself at the Culinary Center, where we were being entertained, once again, by Chef Jasper and his Italian delights and delicacies...that man is a true Kitchen God, and I love him. I really love him. Ahem.


When it came time for "hands-on", I was at the little kitchenette with my group of 3 other aspiring chefs, and we were making small talk as we embarked on our Pasta Carbonara journey, which was a very yummy journey and will get a future post all on its own.

At some point, the talk turned to what we all do for a living, and I mentioned I was a volunteer with the American Red Cross.

The lady on my left, Vicki, immediately gushed, "The Red Cross?! OMG! I SO want to be a volunteer with them - but I just didn't know how to get involved!!!"

Well...not one for letting an opportunity for recruiting to go by...I chatted for a while about all the different things the Red Cross does, and how we could plug her in.

She then mentioned that she likes to travel, and this summer, she has an upcoming mission trip she's looking forward to.

"Where are you going?" I politely asked.

"Guatemala," she replied.

"GET OUT!!!!" I shrieked, scaring the other chefs about half to death. "I've been to Guatemala, like, EIGHT times!"

I then asked, "What part of Guatemala are you going to?"

"Well, I've never been there before...so I can't exactly remember...it's something like, 'Saint Louis'...."

"San Lucas???" I asked.

Yes. San Lucas, she said.

"GET OUT!!!!" I shrieked. Again. "I've only been to San Lucas, like a million times - give or take a few!"

What a small world. We spent the rest of the evening discussing her upcoming trip - come to find out, she's going to be staying at the exact same parish I've stayed in San Lucas, and so I was able to give her lots and lots of advice on packing, shopping, eating - all that important stuff.

Probably too much advice, but hey? What are new friends for?

So, we've now exchanged e-mail addresses and will be BFF's as we talk about the Red Cross and San Lucas and Guatemala and our mutual crush on Chef Jasper and his yummy Italian food.

Sigh. I love Chef Jasper.




Miss Rosie said...

I work with a guy and we have the whole "six degrees" thing going on. I dated this guy who dated this girl who married this guy that was married to this chick before, and she was the guy I work with ex-wife. Kinda messed up. Small town... for reals

carsick said...

Nice:) I think God puts us in places for a reason.
Sounds like a cooking class I would love to take. If I didn't live in the middle of no-where I'd find my own Chef. (Wait, that sounds bad, my husband cooks for me and is awesome but you know a chef would be nice)