Thursday, March 24, 2011

They DO Exist!

True confession time, tonight.

I am a self-proclaimed GFW. And dang proud of it.

You know...GFW? As in Garden Flag Waver.

I am one of "those" people who always has a decorative garden flag hanging in my front yard...all matchy-matchy with whatever season/holiday/event/excuse is happening so I can announce to the WORLD ( least announce to my neighborhood) what exactly is going on so they can make the appropriate celebrations.

And for St. Patrick's Day, I had an awesome appropriately-themed green & shamrock garden flag.

If you notice, I used the past tense there in that in, I "had."

As in....

it's gone.

Strangely enough, March not only brings St. Patrick's Day around here, but it also brings one heckuva' wind. You'd think that after living here for almost 49 years, I would remember that.

I've learned the hard way that winds and garden flags don't mix. In fact, for some unknown reason, the wind seems to have something against garden flags, and will do whatever it can to rid the neighborhood of all flags it can manage to blow away.

As it did mine.

About two weeks before March 17th, my lovely green flag disappeared...and I know the wind was the culprit, as it was only blowing a measly 100 mph that day. Darn wind.

When I realized the flag was missing, I did a cursory search through the yard - but as strong as the winds were that day, I pretty much sadly concluded that my flag was probably in Argentina by that time.

Consequently, no pretty green flag for the holiday. My flag pole sat naked - in shame - with no decorative banner waving & blowing in celebration.

So, imagine my surprise this morning when I stepped outside - and saw this:

I did a double-take, I was so shocked. But there it is - not only was my flag BACK, but it was BACK ON THE POLE!!!!

What the heck?

I didn't realize that flags could take a Spring Break vacation and then COME BACK!!??!!

After pondering on this for awhile, I came up with three possible answers:

1. My flag has a mischievous leprechaun working behind the scenes to play tricks on me.

2. My garden has a mischievous gnome working behind the scenes to play tricks on me.

3. I have a wonderful, honest neighbor in my neighborhood who discovered my flag in their yard and rightfully returned it, but wishes to remain anonymous.

I'll go with #3...although #1 and #2 are definitely much more fun....!




Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Wow, I thought where we lived, we had wind!!!!! My tall flowers always catch my little flags!!! haha Glad you got your cute little flag back.


Miss Rosie said...

I think it was a gnome

Zella said...

Oh, I think that flag is so cute - and I'm glad you got it back.. If I had a garden of my own, I'd definitely be a GFW too :-D