Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Writer's Block

There's something about sitting in the sunshine of Florida that basically sucks every bit of creativity and thought process out of my head...

...and I go into total writer's block.

Speaking of writers, however, I DID have something cool happen on Sunday.

We went to our favorite little watering hole, Doc Ford's, which is located near Fort Myers Beach.

While there, who should appear for a book signing, but none other than one of my favorite writers, Randy Wayne White!

Randy writes a series of books about a character named Doc Ford, and they're sorta' like adventure books - think of Indiana Jones.

What's cool, though, is Randy is from south Florida, so a lot of his books take place here in Ft. Myers, which is obviously near and dear to my heart!

His very first book that I read, "Sanibel Flats", got my attention when it centered around Guatemala...and the Kansas City Royals.

Now...tell me how many other writers you know that can manage to put two of my very favorite things in the SAME book??!! Guatemala and the Royals??!!

(The KC Royals used to hold Spring Training here in Fort Myers - and that's how Randy became a fan of theirs.)

So, at the book signing, I told Randy of my love for Guatemala. And the Royals. Especially George Brett, whom he had also mentioned in his first book.

He then said I would LOVE his newest book, "Night Vision", as it centers even more on Guatemala and the Mayan culture that I love.


I've had my head buried in the new book for the last few days - so while I've been enjoying another writer's work, I haven't been doing any of my own.




Terri said...

That's so cool that you got to meet an author you love! And, I am a huge George Brett fan, too! I met him when I was on my honeymoon (in KC) and got an autographed ball. I still have it to this day!

Susan Roux said...

Amazing! What a wonderful stumble. I don't think your writer's block will last. It just sounds like your head needed a vacation too...

Jenny said...

I've not heard of him as an author but he sounds like someone my husband and I would both enjoy. I'll look for him on amazon.