Friday, March 11, 2011

Our House Was a Crime Scene!

Warning: the story you are about to read is true. Not even the names have been changed to protect the innocent, because as you’ll see, there WAS no innocent in this crime of passion.

It’s bad enough to have to deal with errant children – as mentioned in yesterday’s post.

However, to add canine misbehavior to my ever-increasing load of stress is really the last straw.

Yesterday, I came home from lunch to find THIS little crime scene on the floor of the laundry room:

THAT, in case you can’t figure it out, is a mostly-eaten box of Girl Scout cookies.

“Ack!” I screamed. Eating one of my treasured boxes of Girl Scout cookies is tantamount to murder in my book, and I immediately went into Sherlock Holmes-mode to solve this culinary mystery.

I wanted answers – and I wanted retribution. The gall of someone eating MY Girl Scout cookies!

Considering that our Shih-Tzu, Cocoa, was the only animal/beast/life form running loose at the time in the house, it didn’t take me but a second to figure out the answer to the immediate question of, “Whodunnit?”

If I had any doubt, all it took was one stern look at the guilty party’s face:

She’s never been one to mask her feelings of shame. And notice how she absolutely will NOT look me in the eye. Hmmm....

What’s amazing is the determination she must have demonstrated to even get TO these cookies. It wasn’t easy.

She had to somehow get the cookies out of THIS box that is on the floor of the laundry room:

After getting the LemonAid cookie box out of the big box (and she doesn’t even have thumbs - amazing!), she somehow had to rip the box open – as demonstrated by this picture of the evidence:

And how the heck did she get the cellophane open??!!

Of course, her fate was doomed when she barked out, “I’m sorry” – in her little doggy bark – and I immediately detected the faint sweet smell of lemon on her breath. (Which is actually a good thing, if you’ve ever smelled her normal breath. We may be on to something here - lemon-scented mouthwash for dogs....)

Not to mention, little bits of lemon crème were clinging to her whiskers.

Guilty as charged.

She’s now doing 5-10 days of hard labor. When her parole hearing comes up, I’ll let you know if she’s shown remorse and has been rehabilitated.

And for the record, HER record will never be expunged. I’ll never trust her again with boxes of Girl Scout cookies on floors of laundry rooms.



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Miss Rosie said...

lemon flavored mouth wash for dogs. I think you may be on to something there.