Thursday, March 3, 2011

It Wasn't My Singing, I Swear!!

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The things my mother will do to get attention.

And they call ME the Drama Queen.

Today is my Mom's birthday - and we've got a huge party planned for her this weekend.

I guess in the excitement of turning another year older, Mom's heart got a little whacked-out Tuesday, and before we knew it, she was admitted to the hospital that night. Yikes.

After the doctors and nurses and technicians and specialists all huddled and muddled together, they sent her home yesterday with more medications than answers...but isn't that how it is sometimes with modern medicine?

Before she was sent home, I had paid her a visit, and her first comment to me was, "I'm giving you more blog material, aren't I?"

That's what happens when you're a blog writer. Your immediate family develops an acute sense of paranoia on top of any other medical conditions they may have.

I looked at her oh-so-innocently, and said, "What? Blog? Why would you EVER think that??"

This morning, I called her to not only sing a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday" to her in my best-Celine-Dion voice (which comes out sounding more like Tiny Tim than Celine Dion, but hey...I do my best - and if you don't know who Tiny Tim was, then lucky you, as he was probably the worst singer of my generation - but I digress), but to also ask how she was feeling.

"Not so good," she replied.

And I hadn't even sang to her yet.

Sure lunch time, she was back in the hospital.

And I swear it wasn't my singing that put her there. It's that darn wacky heart of hers that can't make up it's mind on what speed to pump. Slow? Fast? Double-speed? Find a rhythm, and stick TO it, okay??!! How hard can that BE??!!

Tonight, I took her a "Happy Birthday" balloon attached to a "Get Well" card. Nothing like spending your birthday in a hospital gown, huh? Getting poked and prodded and annoyed by the nurses all night long.

She's going to be fine. She'll (hopefully) be going home - AGAIN - tomorrow.

And we'll have a bang-up birthday party Saturday night for her.

But not SO bang-up that she's back in the hospital again.

Providing me more blog material. (snicker)

Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you! :)




Kathie said...

Happy Birthday to your mom, DQ! Wishing her the best and hoping her heartbeat is regulated so she can really enjoy the celebration! And yes, it sucks being in the hospital being poked and prodded anytime but especially on your special day. I well remember Tiny Tim and Miss Vickie, am I dating myself and Tiptoe-ing through the tulips never sounded so annoying!

Mental P Mama said...

Hugs to you all...this is a tough time of life, and your humor will take you miles;)