Thursday, March 17, 2011


Last night, we made QUITE the impression on our new neighbors here in Florida.

Well, actually, WE'RE the new neighbors. Larry & Linda have lived here 15, they've seen people come and seen people go in Ft. Myers.

They've been pretty awesome neighbors - watching over our house when we're back in KC; taking our trash out for us; and generally showing us the ropes of Florida living.

So, last night, we invited them out for dinner, as a repayment and a "thank-you" for all the help they've given us.

We went to a restaurant here called RumRunners, which is pretty fancy-schmancy. I could tell, when I saw that my entree was a whopping $27.00. And that didn't even include a salad. Yikes.

Add two appetizers, numerous drinks, four entrees, and dessert to that bill - and you could see how fancy-schmancy it was.

When it took almost two waiters to carry our bill to the table, that tells you how heavy that check was.

I looked over at Hubby, expecting him to whip out the magic credit card, as he always does, to take care of that very heavy check. He's kinda' wonderful like that.

Imagine all of our shock, when Hubby says, somewhat nervously, "Where's my wallet? I can't find my wallet!" as he's poking around in his pockets.

I thought he was kidding.

He wasn't.

No wallet. And I have no purse.

Oh. My. God.

Our dear, dear neighbors once again bailed us out - or we would have been washing dishes.

WHAT AN IMPRESSION we made, huh?!

Oh, Larry & Linda laughed about it. We were mortified. And scared - where was Hubby's wallet?

All's well that ends well, fortunately. When we got back to Larry's car, Hubby's wallet was lying innocently in the front seat. It had apparently slipped out of his pocket during the drive.

And fortunately, we had enough cash to immediately pay Larry back on the spot.

They said they'll never forget this dinner with us. I know we won't. And they also said they couldn't wait to tell the other neighbors about how we took them out for dinner.

We already realize, that we will NEVER live this down. This is one of those stories now that will live on in the neighborhood for infamy.

What a way to impress the neighbors, huh?!!!




Jenny said...

Ha! Loved this story. Sounds like the beginning of a wonderful friendship!

melanie said...

Now THAT is hilarious!! And totally sounds like something that would happen to me. Unforgettable is right!

Zella said...

Funny :) - although I must say I would've totally freaked in the restaurant if it had been my wallet missing.... but I'm glad your husband's wallet was safe !

LDswims said...

Oh how funny! I'm glad he found his wallet, but yeah, not living that one down any time soon.

On the other hand, the friendship is sealed!!