Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Facebook Chat With My Son

As some of you know, my oldest son is away at college…now that he’s a sophomore, I don’t freak out any more when realizing he’s hundreds of miles away from me. That only happened during his freshman year. We stay in touch via Facebook, where we’ve always had a very open, honest relationship where we can pretty much talk about anything.

As an example, here is our conversation from the other night on Facebook:

Me: I saw your status the other day – you said you were sick. What’s wrong?

Son: I was sick.

Me: I realize that. I saw that. What were your symptoms?


Me: Hello? Are you there? What were your symptoms? Was it H1N1?

Son: I was in bed for two days.

Me: Why? Are you still sick? Was it Swine?


Me: Hello?

Me: Hello? Are you there??!!



I wasn't responding by this time because I was beating my head against the wall.

My son could be in the ICU unit for all I know. We communicate so well.

So, are your conversations with your college-aged kids along the same lines? Do you text? Talk on the phone? Facebook? Not talk at all? I'm just curious as to how other parents communicate. I obviously need assistance.



Jenny said...

Love it. Totally love it. And hate it. This whole empty nest thing never gets any easier, does it? And now I'm starting to get EN with my granddaughters. I told my husband we're moving away when the youngest gets into Kindergarten. I hate when they leave....dang it. Hope your son is OK and that you didn't need too many stitches from banging your head on the wall! ha!

Duane Hallock said...

Your son could be in ICU and your husband might be withholding that information so as not to worry you.

lacochran said...

Ha! Boundaries are such tricky things. I have found that my step-daughter will simply ignore me if she doesn't want to answer a question. Drives me nuts.

Noelle said...

yes, i have the same conversations with my college aged son. oddly enough, i have the same type of conversations with my 13 year old son that still lives at home...