Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Two Left Feet

Yesterday morning, my 10-year old daughter was running a bit late for school. Which is totally unbelievable considering she gets up 2 hours before we have to leave. Yeah, I don’t get it, either. What the heck is she doing in those 2 hours? I have no idea – and frankly, I don’t want to know. I’ve learned that sometimes it’s just better to stay out of the kids’ business.

Anyway, it was time to go and she didn’t have on her shoes or socks. So – I tell her to grab them and just put them on in the car while we’re driving.

We’re cruising down the road, and from the back seat, she suddenly shrieks, “Oh NOOOOOOO!”

I’m all freaked out up front, imagining the worst is going on in the backseat… horrible visions of mayhem running through my mind. What could possibly be causing this wail of despair coming from my daughter’s mouth?

“What?!!! What happened?! What’s wrong?!” I ask.

“My socks are the SAME!” she says in agony.

Okay – color me confused, because I always thought that was the goal – two socks that are the same. What am I missing here? I’ll bite.

“What do you mean, your ‘socks are the same’?” I said. “Aren’t they supposed to be?”

She cries, “No – they’re both for the same FOOT!!!!”

Huh? Did you know that apparently sock makers are making socks for the right foot and socks for the left foot? No? Me, neither. The things we learn from our children.

As parents, we have taught our children that they have to live with the consequences of their decisions, and so my poor daughter had to suffer the humiliation and indignity of wearing two left-footed socks all day at school. (???????)

I’m sure she’s scarred for life.



Jenny said...

Gosh, I'm wondering if there is a support group of this? Perhaps one day your daughter will found one with remembrance of this disaster! Cute!

Drama Queen said...

I'm on the Disaster Action Team with Red Cross, and they don't list "two of the same socks" as a true emergency....otherwise, I'd have been all over it! What's funny - the socks were white ankle socks - they were exactly the same! How the heck does she think there's a right sock and a left sock?!!!

La'Tonya Richardson said...

That is so funny! The socks are the same! I must ask my kids if they know this. Naaa, they don't. My kids will wear mixed matched socks!

Two hours early! Can she come to my house? I have two that get up one hour before having to get on the bus, and literally have to push her out.

Café Chick said...

Ha ha ha! I knew someone in my student days who always wore different coloured socks. One day, someone commented that her socks were the SAME colour that day; she retorted, "no they're not - look closer" and pointed out that one was dark purple and the other dark blue. However, she learned from that day onwards to make sure that her odd socks were vastly different in colour, lest they be mistaken for the same shade!

I don't understand it either ...

suzie sunshine said...