Saturday, November 14, 2009

Obsessed With a Miter Saw

I am dusty. I am bruised. I am exhausted. And I have a very sore puncture wound in my index finger - man, for such a little tiny boo-boo - it HURTS!

I have been drilling and sawing and measuring and hammering away today for Habitat for Humanity.

And it was FUN!

(Well, except for when I reached into my tool apron for a drywall screw and the little sucker punctured my finger...OUCH!)

We assisted a family of 5 - mom, dad (who worked right along beside us) and their 3 children - including one who is handicapped. The weather was grey, cloudy, and chilly - the threat of rain hanging in the air all day. We started early in the morning - 8:00 am (on a SATURDAY, no less?!!) and finished up about 3:00 pm. Whew.

We hung sheetrock, among other things. And I have to say - with pride - that I am an experienced drywall installer, thanks to all of the mission trips I have gone on. I can side - with pride - that when someone asks for a drywall rasp - I know what they're talking about. I know my tools.

And Santa? If you're reading this blog - because I'm sure Santa has nothing better to do at the North Pole all day other than to read blogs - I would like my own miter saw for Christmas. Pretty please?

I'm really falling in love with a miter saw. I could use that piece of beauty all day.

I need some serious help, I think.


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