Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What My Guatemalan Kids Have Taught Me

Our family with our Guatemala kids in 2007

I got letters yesterday from my two kids who live in Guatemala.

My “son,” Zacarias, lives in a small village called Nueva Providencia and is in 6th grade. I met him in 2005 and fell in love. Very quiet, very shy – but oh, so sweet. Hubby and I talked a long time and decided to sponsor him through CFCA, Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (

We get pictures and photos every now and then, and yesterday’s letter said simply, “…I’m excited because Christmas is coming soon and my family and I will celebrate drinking fruit punch and eating tamales.”

My “daughter,” Dalila lives in the same village as Zacarias. She is a dead ringer for “Dora the Explorer” – a beautiful 6-year old little girl who loves dolls. We met her in 2005, and decided to sponsor her, as well. Her letter yesterday said, “Dalila helps to decorate the Nativity Scene and she loves to hear the birds singing and she loves to watch the stars shine at home.”

I love these kids. I wish I could do more than just sponsor them. I wish I could just scoop them up, along with their families, and transport them here to my home in the United States. I wish I could give them a beautiful home instead of the shack they live in; I wish I could send them to an awesome school like the ones my own kids go to, rather than the dilapidated one they go to now. I wish I could clothe them in designer clothes and feed them exotic foods and take them to Disney World and Sesame Street Live and buy them their own Wii and iPod and every video game they want.

I wish.

And then I thank God that He brought these children into my life. They have taught me so much. They have taught me what is important in life; they’ve taught me that – when it all comes down to it – it’s about faith, family and our friends. THAT is what is important.

It’s not important what house we live in – or what school we go to – or what clothes we put on our bodies – or what entertainment we seek out. It’s not the stuff we surround ourselves with, or the toys we play with.

It’s about praising God, loving our family, and appreciating our friends.

God bless you, Zacarias and Dalila – thank you for keeping me real and reminding me what it’s all about, especially during this season of Thanksgiving.


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Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

What a beautiful post... and such a good reminder of what this holiday season we're embarking on is *really* about!