Sunday, November 1, 2009

The 4th Grade Halloween Party

I somehow got duped into volunteering at my daughter’s 4th-grade Halloween party at school on Friday. Silly me. You’d think after 6 older kids, I would have learned by now to run screaming to the hills when the PTA begins looking for volunteers.

I arrived at the school and joined the long line of other victims volunteers waiting to sign in and get the mandatory Visitor badge. The looks on our faces said it all – you would have thought we were marching into the gas chamber.

I eventually made my way to the classroom where I was joined by 2 other moms. We all looked at each other, took deep breaths, and said, “Well. Here we are.” We were thrilled – can’t you just hear the enthusiasm and excitement bursting through?

Speaking of enthusiasm and excitement – Head Room Mom showed up right about then – she had obviously been sneaking way-too-many orange-frosted cupcakes, because “hyper” doesn’t do her justice. And I know a sugar high when I see one.

Before we entered the war zone, Head Room Mom goes all drill sergeant-y, and quickly mapped out our party strategy. She’s come up with four stations – and we are to each take a station and defend it for all its worth against any and all attacks.

We entered the gates of hell – oops, I mean classroom, with our arms laden with supplies. The teacher quickly lined the demons children up and took them for a long bathroom break, allowing us to get things set up. It was suddenly so….quiet. Blissfully quiet.

“Can we just have the party now? Before the kids get back?” I said, hopefully.

Another mom vigorously nodded her head, throwing her weight in with me, when Head Room Mom shot us both down with a look. I know that look. It’s the same look I give my kiddies when they’ve said something totally ridiculous. Oh well. I tried.

We set up our respective stations and waited with bated breath for the little hellions to come back and join us. And unfortunately, they did.

I took photos – simply because you probably wouldn’t believe some of the activities unless I had proof. You would think I was simply being my usual sarcastic self and making this up. I promise – I didn’t. This is real.

…we had Mummy Wrapping Station – which gave me some great ideas on what to do with my own kids when they get too hyper…I wanted to send the kids home on the bus like this, but again – I got shot down by Head Room Mom. I think other moms would have appreciated it. I know I would have.

…there was Green Spaghetti Station…which struck me as interesting, because if the kid is blindfolded – then what difference did it make what color the spaghetti was? Oh well – just another of life’s mysteries to ponder….maybe Head Room Mom enjoyed soaking the spaghetti all night in green food coloring. Personally, I’d rather sleep.

…there was Art Station, where the kids colored Pilgrim and Indian bookmarks. (Okay – are we celebrating Halloween – or Thanksgiving? Oh well – no one asked me.) And as you can see from this picture of my daughter, the kids were thrilled with this activity. Just thrilled.

And the ultimate, sure-to-please-any-crowd party game? The “Put a Corn Cob between Your Legs Relay Race” where you then run over and ‘Dump’ it into a Basket”. There are no words for this one. Trust me. I found out just how talented 4th-grade boys are at making fart noises.

My, how time flies when you’re having fun. Before I knew it, it was time to clean up and pack up and head home. As we were walking to the car, my daughter says, “That was so cool – having you there at the party.”

And then I know, even after six older children, why I keep volunteering.


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