Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Being A Brat Comes Natural

I love it when I get to play the brat.

Of course, my hubby would tell you that playing the brat is an every day occurrence - and that it comes naturally to me. But I would disagree, of course. I only turn on the "brat" when I don't get my way - or when I'm in a skit being performed by our mission team in front of hundreds of Belizan school children.

We visited a small village yesterday, Libertad, where we put on our skit - which we acted as students in a classroom with a teacher. I was the bratty, disruptive kid who didn't show "patience" - the theme of our skit. I had the kids giggling - which is an actor's dream....and actually, it really did come easy for me to be the brat. Hmmm......

After the skit, we headed back to Corrazal, where we went back to work on painting the new addition to the school. Recess at 9:30, lunch at noon, and recess again at 2:30 gave us opportunities to drop the tools and play with the children again.

Yesterday was very hot - very sweaty - but so warm in the love oozing from these children.

It is going to be very hard to say goodbye tomorrow - I am already dreading it....

But in the meantime, I plan on having as much fun as I can - recess is great!




Phivos Nicolaides said...

Congratulations for your job and your efforts in this mission. You are a great personality in all respects. Warm regards and best wishes. Philip

Sharon said...

Love it Sherri. Like you, I was always the brat--or maybe just a "tom boy". In the photo where you're sitting on the steps with four little girls, I would have been the one on the far right. I didn't wear skirts or dresses well. ; )

These children are just adorable--I bet you really will miss them. But you know they'll always be in your heart.