Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Concrete Dust & Kids

Lots and lots of children...and lots and lots of concrete dust...

My impressions of our first day at work in Belize....

We spent the day working in some new classrooms - where we scraped and scraped and scraped the "bumps" off of the concrete walls and floor...It was hard, dusty work - but thankfully, God gave us cool breezes today so we didn't die of heat prostration!

Every time the school had "recess", so did we - we'd drop our tools and head to the playground where we'd play with the kids. Kickball, soccer, football, frisbee - and photography lessons. The kids are fascinated by my camera - so I lined them up and let them "play" with it and take photos. I ended up with 200+ pictures of myself. Not exactly what I was wanting - I kept telling them to take photos of their friends - and so all I can say is, thank God for the "delete" button!

Very good day - the children are awesome. They hug us, they love on us, and they have welcomed us with open arms.

Who knew "recess" could be so magical - even as an adult?!




La'Tonya Richardson said...

I love to read about your mission trips. I'm sure it means a lot to the people you serve, as well as yourselves.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you are not having any problems deleting pictures of it on accident. I'm glad all is going well on your trip and you are missing the 20 degree weather with snow. Have a wonderfully blessed week.


Drama Queen said...

Oh, Dwayne - I had forgotten all about my Hawaii nightmare - when I deleted all 500 pictures accidentally off of my memory card with one swoop!

I've learned my lesson on this trip - I brought my laptop and I upload the photos each night! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog, everyone - this mission trip (as all mission trips) is awesome!



Phivos Nicolaides said...

I like to see your missions. It's great your task. Hugs.