Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fragments I the only person in the world who has not seen "Avatar"?

...why are the Olympics on a tape-delay when the last I checked, Vancouver is just north of us - and not halfway around the world? It really sucks when I already know who won what before I even watch that night....

...why is it that my children still won't wear a coat to school when it's 20 degrees outside and a wind chill in the teens?

...if we can have a show as inane as "The Jersey Shore", can we have a show based on where I live called "The Kansas Plains"? Do you think it would fly?

...why does my cat have nothing to do with me until I sit down with my laptop in my lap - and then he insists on sitting right on top of the keyboard? I alone in thinking that Lady GaGa is very courageous in her wardrobe choices? I don't always agree with them - but I give her credit for her courage.

...would anyone care if "Jon & Kate Plus Eight" resumed filming again on TLC? Would anyone watch?

...why does it always snow the day after I wash my car?

...why do 16-year old boys always smell a little like a gym locker room?

...just wondering....



melanie said...

Totally giggling ...

I haven't seen Avatar either. I'll bet my husband would drag me to it if he was home.

I wondered the exact same thing about the Olympics! (Although - I did notice that the figure skating I watched until way too late last night was live.)

LOL ... I'm bundled up in 60 degrees right now. I'm a weenie.

Kansas Plains ... giggle!!

Cats are psychotic. Although mine does that too. And what's with wanting to get under the covers? I love you sweet kitty, but no way are you getting under the covers!

um, yeah ... credit for courage ...

I personally wouldn't watch, but I'm betting my 11 year old would.

Come south. Then it just rains after you wash your car.

Four year old boys smell too. Does it just get worse as they get older?

Thanks for making me giggle!

Aunt Juicebox said...

I haven't seen avatar, and I think Lady Gagme is just trying to get attention. I often go outside with just a zip up hoodie on in the winter. I can't drive with my coat on, and I'm good just to get in and out of the car. If I ever broke down in the dead of winter though, I'd be in trouble. =P