Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Children of Belize

One of the best aspects of this recent mission trip to Belize was the children - as I've already previously posted. We got to interact with the children during recess - and while some of our members played volleyball, soccer, frisbee, or other games with the kids, I used my camera to interact.

I carry a Nikon D50 camera, and the children LOVED playing with it. They would literally line up to take turns taking a picture - after I would show them how. With some of the older children, I got into more details, such as zooming in and out, changing the settings, "framing" the subject, etc - and some of the photos that the kids took turned out pretty good!

Here are some of the photos that the kids took:

Here are some "sneak" photos I took with my zoom lens so the children didn't know they were being photographed:

Aren't the children beautiful? I think kids - no matter their nationality, culture, color, etc - are wonderful, and I enjoy nothing more than interacting with all of them. It was tough to say goodbye to these kids - I was bawling - but I hope to go back some time in the future. Maybe for more photography lessons - as some of these kids have some real talent!




Anne Canon said...

I miss them already!

Aunt Juicebox said...

Oh my gosh, love them! They are so sweet faced!