Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where's My Teleprompter When I Need One?

Tomorrow should be a barrel of fun. Tomorrow I am supposed to go to a local elementary school and do a presentation for several 1st-graders. It's through the guise of the American Red Cross, and when the teacher set it up, she said the topic is "Severe Weather."

Well, that certainly narrows it down, huh?

Does she want me to talk about how the Red Cross responds in severe weather? Does she want me to talk about how to be prepared in severe weather? Or - am I supposed to talk about what severe weather IS?

I have no idea.

As I said - it should be a barrel of fun when the speaker has no idea what they're really supposed to be talking about.

Thank God for my fantastic talent of bull-shitting. It really comes in handy sometimes.



1 comment:

MA Fat Woman said...

I'd talk about tornadoes. Scare the crap out of them and tell ow the Red Cross comes in and picks up the pieces.