Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bubonic-Plagued Brownies

Every Monday - rain or shine - for the last 7 or 8 years - I have baked a batch of brownies for the kiddos. (Who am I kidding? I bake them for myself. But it sounds so much better to say they're for the children, right?) The only time I've missed a Monday is when I've been out of town - or sick - but otherwise, you can expect a batch of fresh-baked brownies in my house by Monday afternoon.

Normally, by Tuesday afternoon - the brownies are vanished. Gone. Snarfed down by voracious, starving children in my house who act like they haven't eaten in three years and the brownies are the Tree of Life fruit and if you get in their way while they're eating, you could lose an arm. I sometimes wonder why I even bother baking the brownies when they're gone so fast.

Lately, however, I have noticed a rather curious thing in my house. Take this week, for instance...I baked the brownies on Monday - and yet today - Sunday - the brownies are still on the counter. Virtually untouched. Hmmmm.....I have noticed this rather rare and odd phenomenon more and more lately, and I couldn't quite put my finger on why the brownies were being ignored.

Now - I must insert here that hubby does the grocery shopping - for the most part - in our house. I LOATHE the grocery store. Seriously. I'd rather sit and brush the dog's teeth than grocery shop. Heck, I'd rather sit and brush the cat's teeth than grocery shop. Hubby loves to grocery shop - and so I give him the list and he gleefully goes into "Hunter" mode and heads to the store to gather up needed supplies. Now, when hubby shops - he is not loyal to name brands - but he is always loyal to whatever is on sale that week. So - we have had some interesting brownie mixes over the years, to say the least.

Seeing those untouched brownies on the counter last night got me to thinking...and so I did an experiment this morning. I cut out a big hunk of brownie and approached my 16-year old son with it, waving it under his nose and saying, "Yummmmmm....a delicious, chocolatey-brownie just for you.....!"

He backed up so fast out of the room, you would have thought I was offering him a piece of Bubonic plague wrapped in chocolate.

"Get that away from me!" he shrieked.

"What's wrong with it??!!" I asked. This is all so very...curious....

He looked at me like I was the most stupidest creature to ever walk the planet (which, upon reflection, my teenage son looks at me like this every single day of the year anyway - not much difference) and he says, "It has it!"

Things? It has things in it? I peered at the brownie to do my own inspection, and all I saw was chocolatey-fudgy goodness with a few walnuts thrown in it for some texture...and then it hit me.....

EUREKA!!!! Walnuts!!!!

My children, it appears, will not eat brownies if the said-brownies have nuts in them. Huh. Who'd of thunk it?!

Now that I have this invaluable piece of information stored in my memory bank, you can be assured that all future grocery lists given to my hubby will say, "Brownie Mix WITH nuts. No exceptions."

More for me, you know.




Kate said...

ROTFL... I went through the same thing recently. I LIKE the walnuts, the kids? not so much.

Mental P Mama said...

You are a genius!

La'Tonya Richardson said...

My family has to have nuts in our brownies, or they won't eat them. My favorite is turtle brownies, with a Coke of course.

That's a good idea, find out what the kids don't like and buy it. I agree, genius!

Buzz & Poppy's owner said...

Being English I wanted to ask you what recipe you used ifor your brownies as we don't really have them here.
Have you ever made them from scratch?