Friday, April 30, 2010

Breakfast of Insanity

Chocolate Cheerios are driving me CRAZY!

Have you seen the new Chocolate Cheerios?

I made the mistake of buying a box of them recently, and I have regretted that decision from the get-go. All they've done is create more work for me - when I'm already crazy-busy as it is.

"Oh, Drama Queen....You're being can a box of cereal ruin your life?" you ask.

Well, take a look at the actual cheerios:

And now take a look at my hardwood floors in my kitchen:

If you mix chocolate-colored cereal, with chocolate-colored floors, and then add hungry, in-a-hurry-before-school kids wolfing down breakfast, who somehow manage to always spill 12% of the cereal they eat on the floor, you get lots and lots of little brown cheerios on said floor that are virtually "invisible" to the naked eye...where I find them later when I step on them.

Yesterday, I kid you not - at least five times I would take a step in the kitchen and hear the dreaded, "CRUNCH." I'd look down - and see a smashed-to-smithereens dead cheerio on my floor. ARGH!

Get the broom and sweep it up. Only to kill another one a few minutes later. CRUNCH. ARGH! Get the broom and sweep it up.

The kids finished the box today...and needless to say, for my sanity, I will NOT be buying any more Chocolate Cheerios. I'm going to stick with Fruit Loops, because they, at least, have some color.




Aunt Juicebox said...

Hmmm. But do the chocolate cheerios taste any good? Enquiring minds want to know. lol

Rick said...

Very funny. I'm a one bowl of cereal in the morning man, but never tried Chocolate flavored cheerios, but I do like Fruit Loops.

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Jenny said...

That's really funny. Camo Cheerios! Happy May Day!