Saturday, April 10, 2010

Three Chords and the Truth

Three for the price of one.

That's what we got last night when LeeAnn Womack, Reba McEntire, and George Strait were in concert at the Sprint Center in Kansas City. All on the same ticket.

Hubby is a big LeeAnn Womack fan...

Son is a big Reba fan...

And me? I love me some George in jeans.

So, it was a no-brainer to get tickets to the show...and not only did we get tickets - but we scored 10th Row!!!

Hubby and I before the hat is in homage to George Strait.

The Sprint Center was a zoo...absolutely a sold-out crowd. LeeAnn started singing around 7:00 pm and did a 30-minute set of all of her biggest hits. Hubby was very happy.

LeeAnn Womack entertaining the crowd...

Then, after a very short break, Reba came out, along with her nine-piece band, to screams, whistles and a very appreciative audience. She'd briefly chit-chat with the crowd in that unmistakable Oklahoma twang of hers...and dang, she looked good. Seriously...has she discovered the secret to the Fountain of Youth? I swear, this woman never ages, and yet she's 54! She's just so damn cute. She sang about 90 minutes, and it was awesome.

Some of the songs included "The Fear of Being Alone", "Strange", and one of my all-time favorites, "The Night That the Lights Went Out in Georgia." And then she sang "I Want A Cowboy" - which is a toe-tapping tune that she had just performed Tuesday night on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars." Loved it.

Towards the end of her set, she chatted a bit about performing on Broadway in "Annie Get Your Gun", and then how much fun she had doing her own television show, "Reba."

Now - I admit. I was a BIG fan of the television show - and so was my son. Which is how he got hooked on Reba in the first place. I loved the show - it was a great comedy - and the best part of the show? Barbra Jean...Reba's nemesis.

And I'll be damned if Barbra Jean herself - aka Melissa Peterman - made a surprise appearance, to the delight of the crowd. My jaw hit the ground, and I must have said three times to Hubby, in shock, "THAT's BARBRA JEAN!" And then I'd say it again. I guess I was trying to wrap my brain around it, because it was the last thing I had expected.

Barbra Jean & Reba on stage...

A few more hits, and then Reba left the stage to thunderous applause...only to reappear a few minutes later in a red-spangled dress to perform her signature hit, "Fancy."

Loved it. Reba is quite the performer and she was worth every penny we paid.

Another brief break, and then it was time for the headliner, George Strait. But how - after a firecracker, aka "Reba" performs, does someone come on after that??!

George didn't disappoint, though.

I've seen him several times in the past, but it's been 10 years. And although he's aged a bit (but I guess I have, too, darn it!), he was still as smooth as ever. He played for almost two hours - bringing the crowd to its feet while we danced along.

And while he was singing, I found myself saying a silent prayer that I knew every other female in the arena was saying, too.... "Turn around, George...please, oh, please, just turn around."

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

And BAM! Got my money shot. George in jeans.

I left that concert one happy girl.

Hey - I'm feeling no guilt, though. Hubby got LeeAnn in black spandex, and son got Reba in a red, sparkly dress.

It's said that country music is nothing more than three chords and the truth. It's also said that country music is the cheapest therapy you can buy. All I know is, last night was some feel-good therapy for our family.

And I just had to share a quick photo of my boots from last night...I love these things. Aren't they snap?




Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Oh, lord, I love those boots~! Now I am going to play on YouTube and look up all those great songs...just learning country music (although I loved the Highwaymen CD).

Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

Love it! Okay I must admit, I've never been to a country concert, but I do like the Reba show and I LOVE Barbara Jean! So they part you caught on video was awesome for me!

Tolentreasures said...

What a great evening. Haven't seen George in many years, so many that the line-up was Dixie Chicks, Mark Wills, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw and then George, but what a day that was. One of the BEST concerts I ever went to.