Sunday, April 18, 2010

Craving the Creme

Cadbury Orange Creme Eggs.

That's what the Easter Bunny brought (was it really 2 weeks ago already?!) and left in the kiddos' baskets. And that sly Easter Bunny - he/she left a few for me to sample, as well...because, after all, as a parent - it's our God-given duty to make sure that ALL and ANY candy given to our children by virtual strangers must be sampled and ahem...approved. Taste-testing is a parental responsibility that I take very seriously.

So - imagine my delight upon taste-testing the Cadbury Orange Creme Egg and finding it absolutely...sinful.

These? Are to die for. And dang it..if I had only known this BEFORE Easter, I would have stocked up requested dozens of these from the Easter Bunny. Now, I fear I must wait an entire year before getting to nibble on these tasty treats again.




Terri and Bob said...

LOL, I am all about those small Cadbury eggs. One of my friends described them as being lined with crack, they are that addictive!

Dual Mom said...

I bet you could find some still in stock at your local corner store. They always keep this stuff around for a few weeks after the holiday.

You could stock up!

Aunt Juicebox said...

I like the caramel ones. mmmmm....