Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jumping the Matrimony Gun

My sister has been dating a guy now for about 6 months...it's gotten pretty serious, to the point where she called me up one day last week and asked if she and Boyfriend could "borrow" my house for an "Open House" in October.

"What? That's kinda' weird..." I said. "You don't normally have an open house at someone else's house...unless...wait a minute....are you having a wedding reception??!" I squealed with hopeful glee.

"Possibly," she said. "We should be getting married sometime around then."

Woot! Of course, I agreed and then that night, I repeated the conversation to Hubby.

Now - what I didn't know then is that Boyfriend has not officially proposed to Sister yet. Nope. They've "talked" about getting married - but there's nothing official yet. Sister was just jumping the gun a little bit - and hoping that Boyfriend will propose any day now so she can "officially" begin planning the wedding.

So, imagine the scene at my house on Easter Sunday when Hubby walked up to Boyfriend, shook his hand, and said, boomingly, "Congratulations! I heard the good news! Welcome to the family!"

Boyfriend looked at Hubby with a very weird look on his face...Hubby then looked at me with a very weird look on his face. I then turned and looked at Sister with a very weird look on my face.

Sister says, "Uhhh.....awkward."

Yeah. Ya' think?!




lacochran said...


Did he claim late April Fools to wiggle out of it?

Jenny said...

Oh DQ! Funny! Funny! Did you get your husband?

Dual Mom said...

Awkward would be THE understatement of the year!!! lol Your poor sis.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

What a story! I enjoyed it Sherri. Best wishes my dear friend.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

I would have LOVED to have been a fly on the wall. I have a very good imagination, and the looks I imagine all of you having are priceless.

Boyfriend - What the what?!
Hubby - Just bit into something really sour!
You - Ohhhhhh, no you didn't!
Sister - Damn!

I'm I right? I'm laughing my but off!

Drama Queen said...

Yes, everyone - "awkward" doesn't begin to describe it. The poor boyfriend - he really did have a "What the Hell?!" look on his face...when then caused Hubby to look at me, like, "What did I say?" when then caused me to look at Sister with a, "Oh, no you didn't!" look.

It's funny now - but it was very....weird. :)