Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Shoes Snooze No More!

Many, many months ago, I had a post about my boring shoes...I had basically two pairs that I lived in - my Keds and my gold sandals. If you missed that post, it is here.

Sadly, both pairs recently met their demise. It was only a matter of time, actually. The gold sandals were the first to go...I wore them on my most recent trip to Jamaica, where it rained every single freakin' day - and the sandals just couldn't handle the puddles up to my ankles. Pretty? Yes. Waterproof? No. They basically pulled a "Wicked Witch of the West" on me and melted. No more gold sandals. I cried.

The last photo ever taken of my gold sandals...before their untimely demise....

The Keds bit the dust in Belize. I wore them while painting a school classroom. While in "school" that week, I learned a very basic equation: white shoes + yellow paint + sloppy painter (me) = disaster. No more Keds. I cried, again.

The last photo taken of my Keds, in Belize...R.I.P.

After a sufficient period of mourning, I decided it was time to buy some new shoes. But I hated shopping for shoes - we really didn't have a cool shoe store anywhere nearby. Sigh.

And then...a new DSW Shoe Store opened last week, just five miles from my house.

I stopped by yesterday, and I swear to God, I heard heavenly choirs of angels singing as I walked in the door. I had never seen such beauty in my life - dress, casual, sandals, athletic - glorious, shiny shoes. And the smell? I LOVE the smell of new aphrodisiac!

I did what any woman would do after being deprived of something so wonderful, so amazing, for so long. I gorged. I walked out of there with not one, not two, not three - but FOUR pairs of new shoes! Yikes!

Three of the pairs are just basic, summery sandals - pretty, but functional.

But check out the 4th pair:

I have NO idea what I'm going to wear with these...but I knew I just had to have them.

I think I'm in love.




Aunt Juicebox said...

Oh I don't blame you, I love the color! I can't get away with heels though, I am so unbalanced. lol I have a pair of Birki's I've been wearing every summer for 7 years. Athletic shoes don't last as long for me though, I just had to break down and buy a new pair.

Jake said...

OMG! These are so gorgeous! I would have bought them as well!!
I am known for my shoe shopping fetish! I even blog on Saturdays about shoes!


Jenny said...

Oh can definitely rock those shoes if anybody can. That is a great shoe store. Glad you found some more shoes you liked!

Dual Mom said...

Ohhh you could wear those beauties with alot of things. They would look great with jeans.

4 pairs...sigh...I'm so jealous!!

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Tres chic! That means you have to buy something to go with it! Maybe you can find a store that has the same choir singing for it. LOL

New shoe smell and aphrodisiac, FUNNY!