Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Fragments: The Florida Edition

It's another Friday in the blogging world, which means that my brain can only think in fragments. So, here we go with another exciting episode of Friday Fragments:

...Kansas City just got walloped this morning with a severe, damaging storm...winds up to 70 miles an hour, toppling trucks, blowing down power lines, and ripping off roofs. Power is out in a lot of places, and a lot of tree damage. I HATE wind storms...I really do. They absolutely freak me out. And the irony of living right in Tornado Alley...that's just wrong. I need to move....

...speaking of moving, hubby and I are seriously considering a move to Florida. He's close to retirement; I'm already retired; and we want to go where it's WARM! This snowy weather just sucks. We've been looking at houses online, but we are planning an actual trip in June so we can meet with a realtor and look at some properties. The Cape Coral/Captiva/Fort Meyers area is calling our name....(and believe me, if a hurricane was coming, I'd be evacuating!!!! Actually, I'd probably be working it - with the Red Cross, but that's another story.)

...if we lived in Florida, I'd be just that much closer to Mickey Mouse and his House. I'm just sayin'.....

...besides Easter, we're celebrating family birthdays this weekend. I'll be hosting the dinner/Easter egg hunt/Birthday party at my house. I have 96 eggs to hide. Seriously. I have 8 "teams" that need to find a dozen eggs apiece, so I need to get busy and get them hid. I was going to hide them outside, but today - they'd be blown clear to Florida.

...hey, check out The Blog of my blogging buddies, La'Tonya, at 40 - Reasons to Live, Love and Laugh Out Loud is today's featured blogger...and she gave a shout-out to me in her feature! I am blown away! (Okay - no pun intended...considering today's windstorms here in KC!)

...I love my new car...I really do. It's "hot."

And it goes really, really fast. Not that I speed or anything (snort), but I do like cars that go fast. And make throaty engine sounds when they do it.

Speaking of cars, I guess I'd better go vacuum mine. Pathetic as it sounds, vacuuming my car is what I do every Friday. I don't like "crumblies" in my car - it's my OCD - so off I go.

Happy Good Friday, everyone!




Dual Mom said...

Love the car! Red is my favorite car color.

Ellen said...

I live in Missouri too and am getting really tired of the weather. Hubby and I are vacationing with family in California right now. A little expensive to live here, but we are checking out the Phoenix area on our way home. Thinking of making a move too. Have a great Easter.

Aunt Juicebox said...

I've been trying to talk my hubs into moving to Florida for 10 years. At first, his excuse was his mom was sick. Then she died, and his excuse was his dad needed him. Then his dad moved in w/my SIL in another state, and now he's out of excuses but still won't agree. He can't even use his job as an excuse anymore because he's talking about looking for a new one. He can look in Florida! lol At this point, my daughter only has one more year of high school, so we're waiting for that, but if he doesn't eventually agree to it, I'll be going without him. I want to live in St. Augustine.