Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hope vs Hurt

Hurts. Habits. Hang-ups. Hope.

This is the new sermon series at our church - and it's actually very interesting.

During the course of the pastor's talk tonight, I was thinking back on the hurts in my life. When I've been hurt - whether by family, friends, relationships, and yes, even the church...And then I reflected on when I've inflicted the hurt - which I'm not proud of, but it has definitely happened. And sometimes -even worse - I've hurt on purpose - which I'm really not proud of. But I admit it. I've done it.

Hurt is a funny thing. I can be hurt physically - and be left with a scar - but I don't really think about the "hurt" until I'm faced with the scar and I am reminded of what caused it to begin with. I've forgotten, for the most part, the hurt.

But emotional hurt? That seems to cut deeper...and sometimes it's just as fresh and painful as when the hurt first happened, even tho it may have been years ago.

There's been some hurts that I've moved on and forgotten about...and others that still hurt to this day....

But through all of this, there is hope. And hope is such a gift. I do hope...I hope for healing and forgiveness and for happiness. For myself - for my friends - for my family.

So - here's to hope. May it live forever.




Terri and Bob said...

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August, I learned quickly about how much hope plays into recovery. Beautiful post.

Tolentreasures said...

GReat post and sounds like a sermon that I would like to hear.