Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Fragments: The Rain Edition

A rainy day on Friday...

...somewhat happy for this, as the rain means it will wash away all of the pollen that is currently driving me insane.

...tonight, Daughter heads off for a Girl Scout campout....and although I'm the leader, I am NOT the camper...and I am blessed to have other mothers in the troop who LOVE camping, and will thus take the girls for the next 2 days...I hope they don't get too wet or too cold.

...which means Hubby and I will have a date night - not sure what we're going to do, but we'll figure it out...probably dinner and a movie.

...will be spending the weekend working at the old house, getting it that much closer to putting on the market. Today, new carpet and granite countertops are being installed. Hubby said the old house is getting such a makeover that I may regret moving out of it to the lake house. We'll see.

...continuing my intense exercise regime lately - and I'm seeing results...I've been trying to do some major arm work on the weights - and running on the treadmill every night. I'm up to 2 miles each night, but would love to be doing a 5K every night. Gotta ways to go, legs get sore when I push it up to the 5K. I'm also doing crunches and push-ups...only up to 25 right now, but working my way up to 50. Very hard.

...the bird who crashed into my window earlier this week is at again today....every few minutes, BAM! Into my window. Silly bird - you'd think he would know better by now.

...have spent the last two days doing major work for the Red Cross, in preparation for spring storms, floods and summer hurricanes. I'm exhausted.

That's it for now...hope everyone else has a great Friday!




Terri and Bob said...

Good morning!

I have a kamakauzie bird today, too. I am worried he is going to break his neck. (Of course it is a guy bird, no girl bird would be so stupid.)

Drama Queen said...

I SO agree, Terri - it has to be a Man bird...mine is quiet today - which means he got smart (doubtful) or he is off suffering from a concussion. (probable).

Thanks for stopping by - we're sending wonderful weather your way here in KC!

Ellen said...

I know the girls will have a great time regardless of the weather. You and hubby enjoy your time!