Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Itsy Bitsy Spider

I now understand why I keep hubby around.

I am sound asleep this morning, all cuddled up in my nice, warm, snuggly bed...when I feel a presence...close by...staring at me.

I wake up and see Dear Daughter standing by the side of my bed, willing me to awaken and give voice to her presence. I glance at the clock and see that it is 5:30 a.m. ARGH!

"What?" I ask, in a plaintive whine...I am most definitely not a morning person.

"There's a spider in my shower," she says shakily. My daughter is most definitely not a creepy-crawly person.

I reach over to awaken Hubby so he can go deal with our illegal 8-legged resident who has taken up homesteading in Daughter's shower....only to find...Hubby's not there.

Damn. Hubby is out of town on a business trip. Forgot about that. Which means - it is up to ME to deal with the spider in the shower. And deal with it, I do.

"Use MY shower."

There. Problem solved. Everyone's happy. Daughter. Me. And most definitely, the spider.




lacochran said...

They could use you in the Middle East peace talks!

Jake said...

I'm totally with you on that decision!
One good reason to keep hubby.


La'Tonya Richardson said...

How did I know that's what you were going to say?! That would so be my solution!

David said...

You don't like spiders, but you do like snakes? :-)

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I shoot a Canon 50D and the snake in the grass shot was taken using a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L lens.

I use Adobe Lightroom 2.0 (Lr) for processing. Lr can work in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop, but I use it alone. Photoshop is for advanced photo editing. Lr is for photo handling and cataloging and will take care of most photo processing requirements.

If all you want to do is crop, adjust white balance, color management, exposure, brightness and contrast... stuff like that... Lr is all you need. If you want to get more "creative", you can add Photoshop later, but I'd still recommend Lr as the foundation.

Since you are apparently not using Lr or Photoshop, I'm assuming you are shooting in JPEG? Lr will allow you to shoot in RAW, import into Lr and export in JPEG. RAW is definitely the way to go. Much more versatile.

Drama Queen said...

La - Yes, I'm a negotiator, if I'm anything....!

Jackie - I'm glad we agree!

La'Tonya - it's because we were separated at birth; I keep tellin' you! :)

David - I don't think it's because I don't like spiders; I think it's more that I didn't like getting out of a warm bed at 5:30 a.m. :) And thank you for the camera info - I am going to check it all out. And yes, I shoot in Jpeg...I will look into the Lr, as I like the color in your shots....it was very intense! With all of my travels, I have amazing opportunities to take some good shots...Thanks, again!